ASIO issues

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ASIO issues
  • I use ASIO for my sound driver when I use FL Studio, but when I try configuring it with OhmStudio, the playback cursor will jump to halfway into a MIDI clip and jump back and forth over a 1/16th note area. No sound will come out. I've played around with the I/O settings, but to no luck. I've also played with the Channel settings. Still no luck. After trying to close the project, OhmStudio crashed. :-\
  • Tell us more! What is your audio card? OS (XP? Win7? 32 bit? 64 bit?) Do you have the latest driver for your audio card?
    Normally we should have received a log of you crash. You can also report a bug / feature request by launching the bug reporter tool from the Ohm Studio startup menu (Windows version) or from the in app Ohm Studio help menu.
  • i have asio4all problem. it seems to be OHMstudio sets as 32 bit out and there is no option to change it in software, also in asio4all settings. so there is a red cross and no sound :)

    laptop, realtek card, win7 32 bit

  • Does it work ok with another driver? (DirectSound...)
  • I have the following system:
    windows xp sp3
    M-Audio Delta 1010LT
    Pentium 4
    2 GB Ram

    I can get sound from sonar, FL Studio and all my other DAW apps and tools.

    Load anything into OHMStudio, and it shows the waveform of the file, but no audio is heard. Ive tried asio4all, the maudio asio and no luck. what am I doing wrong?

  • Hello,

    You're not necessarily doing something wrong.
    Can you hear anything when you try to play a cloneable or public project from the Dashboard?

    Maybe you can also try different audio settings (sometimes the Audio Output is not associated to the right channels of your audio interface).