Preroll recording bug

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Preroll recording bug
  • Preroll is recording over measures prior to start.when you set where you want to record it records over the previous measures.
  • a temporary solution : create a sub track to make the recording. then drag the new midi/audio to the main one. possibly trimming it before.
  • thank's didn't think of that
  • Hi

    There is at least 1 preroll bug we are aware of but maybe you're refering to another one.
    Here's what I get. Do you get the same behavior?

  • I sent an email to the contributor who pointed it out, as explained to me when he placed the cursor inside an existing clip with Preroll set to 2 bars it recorded the 2 bars ahead of where he wanted the record to start I then tried it and it did the same thing for me, of course we may have not had something set up right it the preferences, all we did was set the preroll. Hopefully he can view your video and tell you if this is the behavior he was experiencing. Knowing this is in the beta stage it would be good for you to have the info you need.