Recording Multiple Audio Tracks At The Same Time

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Recording Multiple Audio Tracks At The Same Time
  • I'm trying to record 3 stereo tracks at the same time. I've set up the input preferences to use 3 stereo pairs of my audio interface, and created 3 audio tracks, each one using a different input pair.

    All 3 tracks work properly in standby. I can arm any one of them, and hear the audio routed to it. Al 3 are highlighted red when I press the record button and seem to record the input.

    Once I press stop, the top (first) audio track seems to render however the audio that is created there may be from any of the 3 sets of inputs randomly.

    The other 2 tracks have the audio container on them, but no actual audio in them. After a couple plays, I then get an audio engine crash and must do a full reboot to clear it.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • This is obviously a bug. It is noted and we're going to correct the issue.

    Many thanks for the report!