UX issues and inconsistencies

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UX issues and inconsistencies
  • A few things I've noticed that could stand improvement:

    • There are a lot of places where you have to use the mouse, and a lot of places where you have to use the keyboard, and very few places where you can only use one but not both. For instance, deleting a track requires clicking with the mouse (you can't select with keyboard, as far as I know), and it requires pressing the delete key (the right click menu doesn't include "delete track"). I'd really like to be able to do every task from either keyboard or mouse and not have to switch back and forth and guess which one is required for each task.
    • There's a similar UX paradigm issue zooming in and out of sequence tracks. You have to be zoomed out for some operations, and zoomed in for others. It feels very arbitrary... why can't I get into piano roll mode when zoomed out?
    • I would like some kind of indication of the audio engine's status. Crashes aren't a big deal in an early beta like this, but I would like to know when the engine thinks it has the input/output devices open so I know what to do when things don't work.
    • Likewise, some kind of MIDI status indicator would be great. If I hit a key on the MIDI keyboard and nothing happens... is the event being received? Is a track muted? What's going on?
    • The gear grid's scrollbars should really scale to the used area of the grid, not the total area that is possible to use (see Excel for a good example). It's easy to lose a module and have to scroll around looking for it.
    • As someone else noted, keyboard shortcuts to switch editing modes (pen, razor, etc) are desperately needed
    I love the product so far, and I know it's just going to get better. Keep up the good work!

  • First, thanks for your report.

    - Regarding mouse/keyboard, we are going to add keystrokes and put more things in right click.
    - Regarding UX paradigm, collaboration changes some rules, as one cannot assume that the document is only produced by his own actions. So we had to take some choices to avoid mistakes when collaborating. However we are still working on improving that.
    - About audio engine status, we might rework the gear panel to make things a bit more easier to sort. On the same idea, the midi signal indicator on tracks are for now not connected to the audio engine : we are working on that.
    - the gear panel grid system is going to be completely reworked. And as you noted, we are going to zoom out to show all modules, and you'll be able to use cmd - scroll to zoom in if needed. It will be also easier to insert things and keep them sorted (ie. not overlapping)

    Thanks for your support, and please don't hesitate to send more reports !

    Fuchsia Force