How to Reset Bank Reconciliation in Sage 50

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How to Reset Bank Reconciliation in Sage 50
  • If you want to reset bank
    reconciliation in Sage 50, make sure always create a backup of your data before
    the reset. Otherwise, you will lose all previously bank reconciliation
    information permanently. Here’s are a few steps to reset bank reconciliation in
    Sage 50:

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      1. Click on your bank account.
      2. Select on the Reconciliation
        & Deposits section.
      3. Tick on the box beside Save
        Transactions for Account Reconciliation.
      4. You can click on the set Up button
        will appear on the bottom of the page.
      5. And Setup revenue accounts for
        Interest income, Exchange gain, and Adjustments.
      6. If you want, you can also set up
        expense accounts for bank charges, NSF Fee, and Interest Expense etc.
      7. By clicking on the Save and
        close button to close the account section.

    For more details, we suggested
    that you connect with the Sage 50 customer
    , they would provide you with professional assistance.