Six development tendencies of feeder machine in coal dressing plant

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Six development tendencies of feeder machine in coal dressing plant
  • The flow transportation of large solid materials and the development of equipment with high handling capacity are also influencing the determination of design, manufacturing as well as handling capacity of feeder machine. Large feeder machine has such advantages as high efficiency and handling capacity and large size, standardization and high reliability of equipment is also the development tendency of feeder machine. In generally, the vibrating feeder machine in coal crusher plant has the following six development tendencies.

    • 1. Pay attention of basic theory research and strengthen scientific research management.Basic research provides basis for product structure optimization, quality and reliability improvement and reasonable material selection and test standard formulation and promotes the application of new technology and research and manufacture of new products.
    • 2. Speed up the research of automatic observation and control technology of the coal dressing process. The automation of coal dressing machinery is a necessary path of improving labor productivity, ensuring working safety and reducing coal dressing cost. Even though the application of automatic technology has a long history, technical imperfection has long existed and the introduction and application of automatic technology in silica sand plant is also very slow. Today when the computer technology, sensor technology and artificial intelligence have developed to a certain level, the automatic progress of feeder machine will speed up.
    • 3. Realize specialized production and improve technical level.Introduce and apply foreign advanced design method, processing technology and management pattern to improve the reliability, precision as well as the production and management pattern of domestic feeder machine.
    • 4. Improve existing equipment.Like other industries, even though the application of modern technology on feeder machine will expand day by day, existing feeder machine will still be used, and will be constantly improved.
    • 5. Develop diagnose-maintenance technology.With the wide application of large and comprehensive coal dressing plant, diagnose and maintenance of equipment show its great importance. To ensure safe and effective operation of feeder machine, we should develop monitoring system for working conditions to monitor the running condition of the main spare parts of the equipment.
    • 6. Strictly control environment pollution.The environment pollution caused by feeder machine is mainly noise and dust noise, for this reason, the focus of controlling environment pollution is to control it to the limit stipulated by national standard try to apply and develop new technology to minimize the pollution.