Some questions about OHM and what to post and not to post and where to post it

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Some questions about OHM and what to post and not to post and where to post it

    Hi all,

    I have posted a good many projects most of which are public.
    At least half of them I posted for other people to use as they like. Should I
    leave them up or should I take the down at some point? Where do we want to
    store finished collaborations? Someone is paying for this server space!!

     I have more than 30
    gigs of recorded music on my system, some midi and some audio. They have been
    created over a number of years. Most likely have another 30 gigs laying around
    on old drives!! Lol I also am recording new stuff almost every day. Damn music
    is worse than drugs!!

    Two points here. I have a ton of stuff anyone can use if you
    ask. Bass and drum lines to a thousand cover tunes….some good, some real crap!!
    In some cases both midi and .wav.


    I will ask this one more time because I think it is
    important. Where do we store finished collaborations?

  • Hi Billy, hi all,
    This is all cool projects that you bring here. Keep amazing us, Billy! When you invite me, I look and if I find time and  place, I play on it. But unfortunately, I have very little time for that.
    Personally, I try to keep in my dashboard the minimum number of projects that I can deal with really well. Otherwise, I'm drowning in too much various directions. I think it misses an archiving structure in ohmstudio. I had already noted here. For example, to help us in managing projects, there might be an archive directory (backup of existing project), a directory of finished projects (with a connection to a collective showroom), a directory of ongoing projects, a directory of inactive projects (backup of "futur" projects), etc??
    all the best

  • Hi.

    Actually we'd love Ohm Studio to become a place to easily share Audio data, Midi data, project templates, Plugin Presets, video tutorials etc... and of course human skills and talents... everything that would make Ohm Studio a "complete" collaboration platform.
    Of course that is not the case yet, but that's a long term goal we hope to achieve.

    Anyway that's a little off topic but you may want to have a look at this.
    I haven't tried it yet but it looks interesting as far as collaboration and sharing goes.