Can't access the Ohmstudio website

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Can't access the Ohmstudio website
  • Hi!

    Since I'm registered, I can never access the ohmstudio website, more particularly on my profile or inbox, so I cannot do anything. Everytime, after a long time of charging, I've got an Error 500 ("500 - Internal server error" on Firefox).
    I thought it was a problem with the "https" part of the ohmstudio website, but I also encounter trouble accessing the "http" part of the website.
    How can I resolve this trouble?

    Thanks a lot!
  • Same here no access "500"
  • Hey guys,

    It seems that we have a serious issue here. Please contact me: so we can dig this issue. With your help we might sort it...
  • Mail sent.
    Hope that this issue will be solved.
  • Same here can never access the website when I log in. Always 500 internal server error.
  • Hey guys,

    I'm still working on this issue. I wonder: do you have this issue only from your place, or from any places? (you can answer here:
  • I've tried using firefox, ie, chrome still the same thing. I tried using different operating systems windows 7, linux and even safari on a mac system with virtual box. I have never tried logging in from another location.
  • Mauve Force have a serious lead on this issue. If he is correct, right now you should not have the bug any longer. Is that the case?
  • Hi! I've just tried, and no Error 500!
    The inbox is reachable for the first time for me.

    The lead seems to be really serious, indeed!
  • No web errors anymore either, good work.
  • Works for me now, thanks.