Undoing once you close a project

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Undoing once you close a project
  • Was just curious if there is anyway of undoing your last edits/deletions after you close the project. I'm doubting there is, but thought I'd ask nonetheless. 
  • good question...but make sure you 'don't need to' do all that bf u close project.
  • Accidents happen. I didn't have enough screen space to see what I was actually doing, so when I deleted a track, I couldn't see it was actually deleting a track with something on it.
  • Unfortuantly that's not possible.
    However we're currently working on the highly requested Snapshot feature (actually it was the most requested in our last survey).
    It will some sort of a mix between traditional "save as" and undo functionalities.

    We encountered some technical difficulties but we really hope to have this feature ready before the end of the open beta period.