Problems with fxpansion DCAM

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Problems with fxpansion DCAM
  • When I try to play back what I recorded with DCAM, Ohm Studio will glitch out and give off pops sometimes. I have a fast Mac so I know it's not that. Also when I try to bounce a total of 80 bars of the synth, it will take about 7 minutes to bounce just this track! Definitely this needs to be addressed. I like using DCAM, but it's very glitchy and time consuming to work with in Ohm Studio.

  • Hi stickygum.

    Can you please tell me which ones of the DCAM synths has that problem and also which presets? Because I tried to reproduce that bug with each one of the 4 plugin but didn't experience any problem while bouncing a track.

  • Really? Ok, well the specs of my Macbook Pro were 2.93 core 2 duo, 8 gb ram. I had over 50% of my hard drive full and noticed my computer running slow on internet things also (though Logic had no issues). 

    The DCAM synth I used was Amber and the preset was something with 'P5' in the name. I'll have to check to see which P5 preset that was in Amber.
  • Ok, so I have the patch.

    It's the Amber synth in Dcam and the patch is called 'KB Pro 5 KBR'. To give you an idea, I had other plugins like Geist, Omnisphere, Trillian, and Uhe Ace along with others on that track.
  • Hi.

    Unfortunately I could not find this preset on version However I noticed that increasing the "render oversampling" value inside Amber's preferences would also increase the time it takes to bounce the Track inside Ohm Studio. Maybe you can try reducing it?

    There's another DCAM synth (Fusor) which does not work well at all on Ohm Studio as you can tell from its "Sync" button turning yellow at a very fast pace.
    Several months ago we contacted fxpansion in order to understand why Fusor was behaving like that and they said that it is the plugin's normal behavior...
    Our dev says that it's the kind of problems you can expect with a "not very well" defined standard such as the VST 2 standard.