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Ohm Rules
  • After experimenting with rules, talking with several regular members of the cohmmunity and monitoring some "incidents", it's time for me to draw a first outline of issues and create a first set of rules & guidelines to help people know how (not) to behave and establish limits that will expose actions to moderation. 

    Suggestion are welcomed but keep in mind that the most important evaluation of those rules will be how it works out in practice. Every opinion will be listened to but pondered with others as well as facts (as seen from a cohmmunity management perspective).

    Also note that on the long term everything that works and can be efficiently improved by features should be at a point :)

    And now: Ohm Rules!


    1) General Chat

    As a general rule General Chat is a place for quick exchanges. It's a good place to say hello, share publicly relevant information ("here's a guide I wrote to do this"/ "that project is cool!" etc.), ask for help, seek for partnership and even have quick grouped discussion - but keep in mind that to be convenient, it shall be preserved from becoming "to big to be read". While it's sure too much activity is better than none, a balance has to be found nonetheless. So specifically: switch to private message (right click "send private message") whenever you can, whether it's sorting out a tech issues, discussing projects, debating, fighting... Also, spamming can bring you decapitation.

    2) Chat

    Ad hominem (accusation, insult, bullying, harassment, scapegoats, throwing cream pies over the pond, etc.) are strictly forbidden in all chats & forums. 

    3) Projects

    No absolute rules here but some considerations:  

    - if you're an absolute beginner, keep in mind that most of what you do to a project you're visiting is actually editing it. While it can be recovered (through the use of snapshots) it would be annoying to have to repair after you. Be cautious!

    - in case of real time collab tell what you are doing so others can adapt. If the project is advanced, be cautious about not imposing contributions - propose rather than impose.  

    - it's generally better to mute something (with the mute tool or sub track mute, as rack mute is local only) rather than plain delete it.  

    - if someone is recording or editing, avoid as much as possible touching the stuff he/she's on - including the mixer.

    - consider using private sub track if you really can't stand people looking over your shoulder when doing your stuff

    - if you do something that you're comfortable with being scraped, tell it so it's not kept "in doubt" :P If you actually like it, don't be afraid to claim it. Make good use of sticky notes (via contextual menu in arrange view) to comment your contributions

    - when you like something, say it loud =)

    - it's also expected to had disagreement at some point (even the Beatles had some). Usual guidelines apply: don't claim decisions but make sure your preference is known to others; present opinions as opinions and not immanent truth, respect people no matter the difference in experience, tastes and haircuts. 

    - Unless specify otherwise "final cut" is implicitly let to the most involved people(s) in the project. That being said, people with alternative projects should use the opportunity to clone and make their own take. Don't give up on ideas, make them live!

    - when someone has done something very offending to you, keep in mind that according to Red_Force's scientific investigation 50% of the time are random mistakes (like deleting a track while typing in the chat), 40% are genuine misunderstanding  - and 10% of the time it indeed has some ground for a conflicting interpretation. Make sure what situations you're in before flaming anyone. Then don't flame anyone anyway: even in those case, courtesy is mandatory. Yes, even if the opposite entity is not respecting it.

    4) Forum

    - Off topic comments can be moderated.

    - Ad hominem, courtesy issues as well

    - When relevant you may receive your post back via email so you can repost it at a most relevant place.

    5) Reporting & sanctions

    - Report abuse to Red_Force if connected, or via private message to him, or via support@ohmforce.com
     Include chat log (contextual chat menu> copy conversation) and explanations. Screenshots are better pieces of evidence than copy/paste.

    - Sanction for Ohm Studio behaviour (for now) can range from very short exclusion to longer temporary bans. Payer & non payer are treated equal on this.  

    - Moderation is always open to discussion but never in public. Always contact moderation directly. When doing so, please note that moderators cannot be insulted, harassed, bullied any more than any other users. 

    - Moderation wars (spam, removing moderation from a post, creating multiple account, tactical trolling, death star aimed on the server) are the most severely punished crimes. 

     - If you need another opinion, report to Mauve Force as he always disagree with Red_Force by tradition (support@ohmforce.com, mention you want Mauve Force advice)  

  • This should work well & probably restore a good atmosphere too !
    Thanks folks.

  • class="UserQuote">
    red_force said:

     - If you need another opinion, report to Mauve Force as he always disagree with Red_Force

    he always disagrees
  • 06:00:00Actually you just raised another difficult to tune point Red and I agree with you that it's not a strict thing nor a big deal.

    Indeed too many messages can make very difficult the general chat to be followed while recording music and I pointed that out once myself upper.

    But then, I also realized recently that,  last time I was helping someone in the general chat ; it could help others at the same time to read this troubleshooting related chat ;  so decided to keep going for the 5/10 first minutes on the general chat.

    Just to contradict my own statements I started upper (this is called lessons learned!) : I now realize that I don't always do that for support and also like occasional, purely useless chit-chat, just to make the atmosphere better!

    Definitely, being able to filter messages would be a great plus  :)

    Now probably even better : 
    I dreamed about ohmstudio featuring several rooms (sub-forums actually) like a (nin)jam room , a social room where people chit-chat and have fun doing anything but music and  sessions rooms where people exclusively talk about their current collabs !

  • let's not make the general chat too quiet!!  It is fun to see where the current enthusiasm is about projects. The general chat should show where we are active and having fun.
  • it's sure too much activity is better than none, a balance has to be found nonetheless."

    Balance, then. The point is to make sure that what's posted may be of interest to the whole list of people reading. Some light chit chat is fine, but not if it actually prevent to read the rest, etc.

    Now obviously it's not a strict thing, just a reminder - in some case, a moderator can ask you to switch to private messages. No big deal if this happpen.

  • easily be done, but for it to make sense we'll need more people. Hopefully that's for soon ^^
  • see that music in world not made in rules.....but rules are important to be pro....in music industry....in all countries,situations etc....then all must in OHM must be under the rules...it will rule for a better entertainment....
  • New Features for Chat  (eg akin to Filters)

    Additional Chat Rooms to break up the General chat into specific common areas of interest

    Getting Started                        
    -  newbie stuff, this is what ohm is, here is the doc, videos, etc.

    Help Desk/Technical Issues      
    -  "I can connect my rocksmith cable", What is an Asio driver, etc.

    Lets Collaborate/Chat about Music                       
    -   Brings up Instrument/MusicStyle/Geomap of users 
    -   Online and offline to connect with, friend and join each others projects

  • Geomap of users - online and offline - drill-able into profiles, etc. -  (friend, join project)

    Other Maps

    Instrument Map of Users        
    - eg: picture of studio  - click on the guitar - list of guitarists, click on a bass, bass guitarists, click on the mixer - list of rec/audio/mix people, click on a mic - vocalists, etc. -  (friend, join project)
    - sort this list based on order of instruments specified  in profile - drill-able into profiles to make connections (friend, join project),  expose intrument skill level allow grouping/sorting by this as well

    Music Style Map of Users - similar to above but selecting musical style preferred  (jazz. rock, etc - categories you have in profile)

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