Ohm Studio's vocabulary poll - come give your feedback!

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Ohm Studio's vocabulary poll - come give your feedback!
  • 2012 EDIT:
    We eventually chose to go with Rack Header instead of Rack Track, as explained in the following article:

    Dear beta-testers,

    We'd want to have your opinions about a specific Ohm Studio vocabulary we're now working on. You already know that either the VST plug-ins and the built-in effects are called "Gears", and that a rack containing one of more Gear is a "Gear Rack":


    In the "Sequencing Panel" (where the patterns are) there will be the
    "tracks". If you have a Gear Rack containing only one Gear, let's say a
    Minimonsta synth, there will be a Minimonsta track in the Sequencing
    Panel. So far, it goes fine. But if you have a Gear Rack containing several gears in a insert chain, let's say an Alchemy synth followed by some effects, by default you'll find in the Sequencing Panel a track for the first gear of the rack - in this example the Alchemy synth. You'll be then able to click in the "+" symbol (at the bottom right corner of the volume fader of the track header) which will let you display additional tracks for the other Gears of this same rack. So you can display a track for the OhmBoyz delay that follows the synth and then create an automation pattern for this plug-in. These tracks that belong to the Gears of a same Gear Rack, they're actually grouped, and can be folded to save you some screen space. The question is: how would be in your opinion the most natural and intuitive way to call this group of tracks? So far we thought on "Group track", "Grouped tracks", "Racked tracks" or even "Track rack" - anyway feel free to, in addition of eventually giving feedback about these possible names, suggest another (any) one that seems to be the most appropriated for you.



  • Rack Track makes sense to me - (As opposed to Track Rack).
  • Group Track is the clearest to my mind. After all it's a kind of track, but one containing a group of other tracks.

    Then I'd be tempted top call a single track a Gear Track and a multiple track a Group Track. The similar sounds seem nice and memorable to me.
  • Group track would be confusing as group track usually means a bus rather than a collection of tracks in other DAW's.

    Either track folder or rack track for my vote.
  • Track Group makes more (English) sense to me. As in a "group of tracks". You would not normally drop the 'of' and use what is left.

    Folded Track Group then reads right... as in a group of tracks whose view has been collapsed. 

    Gear & Gear Rack makes sense although if you followed the logic of "Group Track" you would expect "Rack Gear" as in dropping the 'of' from 'rack of gear' :-)

    GAH! This is like being at work... I am an Enterprise Information Architect by day... canonical models and preferred terms... groan... j/k. Happy to help!

  • I'd say Rack Track.
    It's the most logical name imo and it's meaning is closest to what those track realy are.
  • Rack Track I find most suitable for this kind of "grouped tracks" because it belongs to the gear rack. 
  • It's a track belonging to a rack - A Rack Track.
    A shoe belonging to a horse - a Horse Shoe
    A mat belonging to a mouse - a mouse mat.
    Makes sense to me ;)

    Referring to it as a 'Rack' track makes it clear in my head that the track contains data related to the rack it belongs to...err...Make sense?

  • Or ohmtRack :)

    Just kidding, but I have never seen this kind of tracks in any host, so it deserver distinctive name ;)
  • "rack track" also here, and obviously "racked tracks", fits perfectly
  • Thank you VERY MUCH for all these replies! After reading your comments and some extra debate here, the tracks grouping all tracks from a given rack are from this day forward called.... RACK TRACKS.
  • iPad app version would be killer!!!

  • Rack track for the container that's for the Rack seems consistent.  Gear track would be for one of the contained tracks that controls a gear.
  • Wow that's an old thread :)

    Actually we chose to go with Rack Header instead of Rack Track.

    We know that there's still some confusion among user with the concepts of Tracks and Racks.
    Our introductory video tries to explain these concepts in detail and is a must see for anyone interested in learning Ohm Studio's user interface.

  • Ok i think if you look at how they are naming the rest it makes sense to call it a track rack
     for example they are saying a GEAR in a RACK of one or more GEARS is a GEAR RACK
    so a TRACK in a cluster or folder ie a RACK should rightly be called a TRACK RACK becuse it is one or more TRACKS in a RACK

    pretty much self explanetory  :)