filter projects by genre, mood e.t.c.?

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filter projects by genre, mood e.t.c.?
  • just a suggestion (first of many) for the 'chat room view'.
    to be able to filter public projects by genre, mood e.t.c. would help people find projects suitable for them, particularly when the amount of projects available becomes huge, which it will.
    and maybe have a similar function to filter through other users, which would help people network with users in similar genres e.t.c.

  • +1

    when you open the public tab theres room for a few columns....genre would be essential imo...also! key and owner/project starter by username...
  • paracide: it's coming.
  • i thought it might be. its a bit obvious to be missed :) thought id do my bit and mention it anyway, as i will with the rest of my probably obvious suggestions (coming soon)
  • hehe. you can always try to search the forums to see if you find any related topic to post them in. that way we'll have a more concentrated and coherent discussion on needed features and the different opinions on how to make them..
  • yea good idea.
    i need to have a good session on there first and write everything down.
    there is obviously a lot that it is missing, which is understandable at this stage, so if i dont write it all down and check it off the list as i go then i wont know what ive mentioned :)