BSOD - stdriver64.sys

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BSOD - stdriver64.sys
  • as the title says, ohmstudio causes an immediate bsod when i try to run it. the error references stdriver64.sys. the blue screen happens every time i try to launch ohmstudio and i have never seen it its def. ohmstudio causing the error.

    win7 ultimate 64
    amd phenom 2 x4 b60 @ 3.3 ghz
    4 gb ram

  • Hi chaoswyr,

    well this is embarassing :-S

    Does the BSOD happen when you launch the Installer or when you launch the OhmStudio application?

  • hi,

    yes the bsod happens when i try to launch the application itself. it appears to have installed properly. when i go to launch goes through the scanning of vsts...then seems about to open and bam! blue screen
  • Thank you for your quick reply.

    According to this discussion here, a driver installed by a software called "sound tap" is causing the issue. Updating or removing it could solve the problem.

    I Hope this helps.
  • its a driver from the debut screen capture software, but the debut screen capture software has been working fine since i installed it with no other conflicts. i dont see why i should have to remove it. i use other DAWs none of which have this still the issue is with ohmstudio...not the things already playing nice together on my system. 

    maybe someone over there needs to contact nch and figure out why ohmstudio doesnt like that driver?
  • meh....i did uninstall the debut software. i make music far more often than i need to use a screen capture....but you guys might want to look into that anyway. so...its working now , but i have a new problem..ill start a new topic on it.