Is this a bug?

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Is this a bug?
  • Hey guys,
    I was wondering ... is it normal that everytime I log out/exit Ohmstudio, it leaves a ohmstudio/guest/mp.exe in my task manager processes? (Windows 7)...It would not matter to me if it did, other than the fact that I cant hear any other 'sound/music' program that I may start after logging out of Ohmstudio...all I have to do is go into the task manager/process and 'kill' (harsh word) Ohmstudio....I dont like 'killing' Ohmstudio...

    Even if I go right back into gives me the ms dos error flash screen then logs in normally...but I dont like that screen, so I always exit Ohmstudio right away...then when I go back into Ohmstudio a second time, it loads normally, with no ms dos error flash thingy....weird..huh?....

  • I get an "omstudio mp.exe has stopped working" messege everytime i close the program..
    after clicking Ok the task is closed..
    project seem to save fin so not really that much truble.
  • Yes that's a bug. We are aware of it and will try to fix it a.s.a.p.

    The flashing dos window means that ohm studio is creating a zip of your log files and sending a crash report, because either the guest or host process was not "aborted properly" (in most case because of a crash).
    The reason why you see it at startup is because the first thing the program does is to check if it has crashed previously, in which case it immediately sends a crash report before it starts overwriting the log files.

    Our little secret revealed :-$
  • ohmgosh!
    Nah it ok at least in this stage I guess.
    strange as it is though. I just stoped getting the error message on closing...
  • hey guys...that makes must have a lot of log file crash reports from me then...he he...glad to know a fix is coming...thanks
  • No it's a feature : )