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Our survey said...
  • Hi,

    Nice survey - very carefully thought out and worked through.  But I think 10 minutes was over-optimistic: that or I over-cooked my answers. :)

    -- Peter
  • Hello Peter,

    Thank you for taking our survey and giving a little more than 10 minutes of your time :)

    We want to spend some more time fixing bugs before we start adding new features. The survey will help us determine priorities.
  • I logged in to my email account to find an email asking me to complete the survey only to find that its no longer valid. The email was only 3 days old!
    Anyway if it helps you it


    I've never had the pleasure of actually getting the software to install so maybe it needs a little tweak here and there yet? 

    Wizard. the beta tester who's only thing is tested is his patience.
  • I missed the survey too - what's up with that? I've logged plenty of hours using ohm. Oh well, no christmas present for me this year!
  • Same for me: I missed the survey, now the link looks no longer valid.
    Any chance we can get another call for the survey? Could it be useful?

  • Hi guys,

    Sorry for that, but we needed to analyze results quickly.

    We get the vast majority of answers within 2 days.

    But others will follow later on, about different topics though.

    Don't miss them!