List of NEEDED features to make Ohm Studio the GREATEST DAW EVER!!! (Add your ideas)...

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List of NEEDED features to make Ohm Studio the GREATEST DAW EVER!!! (Add your ideas)...
  • Not sure if I missed this but a count in on record is invaluable also the ability to record in loop mode
  • Count in?
    Thats a must.
  • 1. Would like to have HAND TOOL when pressing mouse wheel... it´s not being used right now, right?;

    2. Would like to have shortcuts to the tools assigned to the numbers on the keyboard (not the ones on the keypad).

    Thank you...

  • For hand tool, you have "H" modifier that transforms the cursor in a hand while pressing.

    You also have the modifier CMD or CTRL that transforms the cursor in a pen while pressing.

    Note that you can cut a pattern/region with CMD-E (mac) or CTRL-E (win)

    These 3 modifiers make you edit faster.
  • Would like that the cursor from the text box of the chat to be always visible... that is, if more than one line of text is written you will be able to see the end of your text message, the cursor will follow.
  • Wish we had a way of inserting/changing plugins on-the-fly... without having to do a complete removal and replace... i.e., each plugin has an "insert new plugin" tab, where we are able to switch plugins.

  • Very excited about playing around in this new DAW...after about 1-2hrs under my belt I would like a drum sequencer ( I am not a fan of making drum patterns in piano roll..just me though ), one that i could import various WAV drum hits or kits I already have.. also I found it alittle difficult trying to figure out how to add the ohm effects to a bass line I made...maybe an effects tab / button by the mute/solo button or around that area...I only say this cause I would assume people with ZERO experience in DAW’s wouldn’t know what to mess with or what to look out for when trying to drag an effect onto something........thanks for listening 

  • Jiivanii : to replace a plugin, you can just drop the new plugin on the "toBeDestroyed" one, on  the gear panel.
    Your patterns are then converted for the new plugin. It's especially useful for instruments.

    BTW, these kind of behaviours will be simpler with the mixer.
  • capt7, about drum sequencer, you mean a drum view, like the piano roll? Or a whole instrument?

  • Thank you Yellow!
  • as far as drum sequencer just something I can make patterns in...or something that I can import certain drum shots onto 1 specific pad or something small like how abletons drums are or maybe even reason...but I am not talking as big as ultrabeat...Personally I am not a fan of using the piano roll to create drum patters /beats
  • Can we get highlighted keys in the pianoroll, so i know where i push my miserable played notes around ? ^^
  • @whetstone: do you mean that you want the notes on the piano to be highlighted when you press them on your MIDI Keyboard?
  • Yes, or when i move/place the notes with the mouse. Another question:

    Will there be more MIDI functionality in the future ? MIDI learn , MIDI out to play hardware synths etc.

    Some more things:

    -a sample browser to drag and drop samples in, preferably with a little basic editor (waveform display with preview) in it (could do such things as ,mark and drag just a certain part from a sample).

    -a shortcut to jump to the start of the selected region

    -costumizeable keyboard shortcuts (could inlclude mouse buttons aswell, since modern mices have alot ot them)

    -would like aswell to have some more routing freedom , like route a
    vst to an audio track (to record it) or a quick freeze/bounce function,
    that just renders a vst or processed audio file in the project and drops
    it on the same time postion  (maybe in a new audio track).

    -item editing like in reaper or cubase (volume , fade in/out, FX)

    -ability to clone instruments and effects (racks)

    -some sort of internal preset management to save fx chains, racks etc.

    -FX "slots" in the mixer view. If the effect will be placed there it will automaticly appear and  be connected to the source rack in the gear panel or just placed in the rack.
    There is a big focus on the gear panel atm , but maybe theres a way to connect both worlds. I think it can get abit bit confusing like it is now, could be that iam not used to it .

    -i think in general there should be more visual feedback in the squencer and mixer window, of whats happening in the gear panel. Maybe this could be improved with costum colored tracks/racks.

    -detachable panels

  • OK interesting list.

    - a sample browser

    Yes that's something we'll do one day. What we had in mind  was a browser for files, plug-ins, presets, even people... either locally (on your hard drive) or "in the cloud". Not in a near future though.

    - a shortcut to jump to the start of the selected region

    There's no shortcut to do that right now but you can use "Cmd/Ctrl + L" to Loop the selected Patterns and then press "Enter/Return" to jump between the beginning of the Loop and the begenning of the Song (it acts like the Stop button).

    - costumizeable keyboard shortcuts (could inlclude mouse buttons aswell, since modern mices have alot ot them)

    I think we'll first try to offer more/bettter mouse and keyboard shortcuts and then we'll see if people still need customizable shortcuts (because that would require a lot of work...)

    -would like aswell to have some more routing freedom , like route a
    vst to an audio track (to record it) ...

    Although that's technically possible and I know that you can do that in Live, we choosed to only allow Hardware Audio Input for an Audio Track

    ... or a quick freeze/bounce function, that just renders a vst or processed audio file in the project and drops it on the same time postion  (maybe in a new audio track).

    That's more likely to be added in the ohm studio. What we could do is an option to replace the whole Rack by an audio file, or create a new Audio Track and bouce the result of that Rack there, or even bounce only one region of that Rack on a new Audio Track.
    Then you wouldn't need to route a Vst to an Audio Track anymore right?

    - item editing like in reaper or cubase (volume , fade in/out, FX)

    Yes we'll do that as well one day. What you can do now is 1) select an Audio Pattern 2) open the Inspector 3) change the Fade-in/out and Volume parameters there.

    - FX "slots" in the mixer view...

    We're not very happy about the Gear Panel to be honest. As for the yet to come Mixer and how it will interact with the Gear Panel, we're still working on it... but we'll keep your idea in mind.

    - detachable panels

    I think that we'll add options to hide/show panels (chat / mixer / gear-panel) rather than put them in a detachable window. For people using 2 screens, there's the "Shift + F"
    shortcut for "double full screen".

    And about MIDI functionality, one thing we'll add soon is be ability to record and edit MIDI events (Velocity, Mod Wheel, Aftertouch etc...).

    About MIDI Out, we don't know yet. Just like with Rewire.
    I think it depends on how people use the Ohm Studio.
    We don't know yet if people will use it mainly for collaboration or if they'll use it as their main DAW.

    And about MIDI Learn, I don't know what people usually mean by that...

  • And you can also duplicate Racks and Plug-ins by holding down "Alt" when dragging them in the Gear Panel, just like you can copy Patterns in the sequence.

    You cannot copy Tracks yet.

  • - Then you wouldn't need to route a Vst to an Audio Track anymore right?

    Yes not for this case, but would be still good for other things:
    You could route several audio tracks into a single audio track to create a mixbus and have the big fader for it in the mixing view.

    What also comes in mind with this is the ability to connect multiple racks outputs at once , means, marking multiple rack outputs (shift - leftclick for example) then connect just one of them and the other cables will follow to the destination input, would save some clicks tho.

    -For people using 2 screens, there's the "Shift + F" shortcut for "double full screen

    Doesnt work here (it just makes it fullscreen on my main screen) and ohmstudio freezed 2x as i did it, maybe because ive two different desktop solutions on my dual screen setup. However i can just expand it on 2 screens, when the window isnt maximized .
    I would still like to arrange the panels on my own , atleast the mixer you mentioned.

    -duplicate Racks

    Okay cool, didnt see it, the only problem is that it doesnt duplicate the settings of the plugin.

    -And about MIDI Learn, I don't know what people usually mean by that.

    This (link hardware controller to software midi CC)
    , couldnt find a vid of reaper , but works  likewise. Cubase uses something called quickcontrols...
    And it would be realy cool if you could acces your recorded tweaks as automation in the tracks (no need to search parameters in huge lists of vsts).

    -FX "slots" /adding FX

    forgot to mention that you could just drop a vst effect directly on the track in the sequnecer window to add it to the track, i remember "studio one" did it this way.

    Hope this helps :)

  • Greetings,

    Is it possible to have Removed, the -ESC popup button, which occurs whenever ZOOMIN is engaged. I find it unnecessary and invasive.

    Thank you!

  • What also would be nice:

    - every member of the project can see and tweak automations in the session
     (just for ohm native plugins, 3rd party would be hard to realize or ?)

    Not sure if its possible, guess the collaborative freeze process has to be different then, but it looks nice in my head :D
  • Jiivanii : ok, we'll add an option to remove the ESC popup button.

    whetstone : every member of the project can already see and tweak notes and automations. They just need to have the plugin.

    About bounce process (we call it "shared freeze" for now), you can read about it here :
    Freeze presentation has changed a bit and I should remake screenshots, but you should understand principles.

  • Ah nice, i totaly ovelooked that in the first place, probably because the automations are just dots atm. The online part of ohmstudio is allready very promosing.
  • I think the rotate idea is interesting.  However it puts the topmost track on the right of the screen which is opposite to where I would normally expect it in a mixer.  I would prefer a dedicated window for that purpose. You also mentioned that you were not exactly happy with the plugin window and was curious to know what sort of alternatives you might be considering to replace it.

  • @whetstone: yes you're right, automation curves appears as dots and "Shift + F" doesn't work on Windows due to some bugs we have with directx and some GPU. We'll try to fix that soon.

    @rexlapin: the rotate was just an experimental feature and is not meant to replace a real Mixer. Rotate lets you see the piano roll and pianokeys as if they were in front of you (lower pitch on the left, higher on the right, like on a piano). We could put track headers on the right side (like in Ableton Live or Tracktion) and then have a 90 rotation to the left (and have the topmost track on the left)... I'll suggest that to the team.
    We're developping a traditional mixer that will take care of the routing between Racks.
    We don't know yet what we'll do with the plugin window (the Gear Panel as we call it) as we're still discussing it.


  • +100 for AU support. I never install VST since all of my DAWs handle AUs. That is a must me thinks.
  • Can I just say I really like the main ideas in the interface (obviously there are some rough edges that need sorting out).  When you talk about a mixer panel, I start worrying that the gear panel - which I love already! :) - will change fundamentally forever.  I realise a lot of people "think mixer" but I'd rather see a gear "ohmixer" that you can use in the existing panel than something fundamental.  You've taken the one step that MU.LAB hasn't taken in breaking up the mixer into components directly addressed by tracks/parts but, using the racks, managed to keep it simple to use.  It's great just how it is!

    I'd say concentrate first on getting what's there now really solid - starting with the UI.
  • Thanks for the clarification. I can see the logic in it now and perhaps something like you suggest ala Live would be a good addition. It would keep the keyboard metaphor and still put the tracks where I would normally expect them to be. In that case I would also feel less of a need for a dedicated window.
  • Oh, feature request: for plug-ins, it would be great if Ohm Studio identified whether any project members were lacking a plug-in and prompted whoever added it to provide a link to the source site.  This would need to be flexible enough to support links to sound libraries and so forth, too.

    Mmm, and it would be nice, when opening a project from Dashboard (hence logged in), that I didn't have to log in again to get into Ohm Studio.  And that the project I'd clicked "Open" on opened...
  • it possible to make installation smaller by user,like linux for example. every makers of daws are trying to put inside "everything for everybody" and on the end you get "heavily armed" mastodont-cpu&other resources-eater and nobody puts any way of modularity.

    2.i would like switchable any online mod cause at my home i dont have internet access

    3.switching off ANY input device for smaller cpu consuption

    4. posibility for optimized graphics for working in smaler resolutions and colors(1024x768) for work with switched of gfx adapter-less memory interrupts on some laptops when gfx adapter soaks some extra ammount of ram and much worst-mashes up with asio and firewire.

    that is "on first sight" for now
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  • Hopefully the app isn't optimised -- it's running very CPU heavy, so I'm hoping this'll change anyway.

    Wishlist item: run across multiple cores :).
  • Peter L Jones :
    Luckily, I'm going to work on the multi-core optimizations for the real-time audio processing.

    — Laurent
  • offline update possibility with undo or somekind-sandbox security shell which assumes offline mod ;)
  • yanprawda :
    What you are requesting is a difficult question. Our whole architecture is based on real-time online collaboration, so implementing offline mode would entail a dramatic reexamination of the fundamental concept. Talks ongoing, though.
  • OK, I´ve got one! And it´s a BIG ONE... or probably not!

    I don´t know if this already came around but what about some kind of notepad/sticky notes/diary/log/whatever way to leave notes and/or comments/messages to the other member(s) of the project?

    Collaborators will not be online at the same time all the time, right?

    Best regards... 

  • Hey, Leandro, did you see each project has a project page with a project thread where you post can about the project?
  • @Leandro: We (and a couple of users we talked with) did think about this :) It is on our agenda and will be implemented quite soon. The only thing not defined yet is how advanced it will be. Thanks for suggesting anyway!

  • @ Peter L. Jones,

    Sorry Peter, I didn´t... anyway, I´m talking about a more direct way, inside the project, to communicate offline.

    Like Crimson Force said, work in progress.. ;-)

    Thank you...

  • Hello OHMIES! I´ve got more...

    1. I have inadvertently pressed several times "Ctrl+W" (
    (trying to close piano roll window)
    while working on a project and therefore quiting the same project. Maybe it´s just me but what do you guys think about an "are you sure you want to quit?" box?

    2. What´s the deal with when you place an event over other it deletes the event underneath... Yes you can retrieve it, I get that, but nevertheless I think it´s annoying. And what about merging events?

    3. On Piano Roll mode, I´m missing the "Ctrl+A" command in order to select all the notes. 

    4. When you select an area to loop while playback is on it does loop but if you press record  loop mode is no more. Is this supposed to go down like this? Shouldn´t loop mode be on for both modes (playback and record)?

    Thank you for reading... 


  • Thank you for your suggestions Leandro.

    Ohm Studio doesn't allow Patterns to overlap each other. If you want 2 or more Patterns to play at the same time, you have to create more Track for the same Plug-in. One Plug-in can be controlled by several Tracks.
    Left-click on the "+" button on the Rack header and choose a Plug-in or right-click on a Track header and choose "Insert Track".

    When zoomed in, Ctrl+A should select all the element of a pattern if you have at least 1 element of that Pattern selected. You can also select all the notes in a range by click&dragging on the Piano Keys like in Ableton Live.

    Currently it's not possible to Record and Loop at the same time but we'll improve that, hopefully in the next few months.
  • BTW, we'll improve the cmd-Q, cmd-W to add a confirmation window and the cmd-A function in order to select every events (notes and automations) as soon as the pattern is "active" (you clicked in it).

  • Would it be possible to force a rescan for audio/MIDI hardware from the setup pages?  Sometimes I run and get as far as opening a project - it's only then I find out my AudioFire's not switched on!  I have to exit, login, open again... which takes so long... ages... ;) ... Much longer than just a quick "rescan hardware" button would take to click, anyway.
  • Hello Peter,

    I like your idea but unfortunatly the library that Ohm Studio is using to manage audio and midi I/O does not offer such a possibility.

  • OK - any chance of letting me know the last used device isn't present when the application gets run, rather than waiting till a project is opened?
  • That would be a good solution.
    At the moment there's an annoying bug with audio preferences: changing your settings inside a project won't affect other projects.
    So it wouldn't work.

    But as soon as the developpers try and fix this bug, I'll suggest your idea to the rest of the team.


  • Ah, I guess that's related to not seeing any MIDI preferences until you get into a project, then!  Hopefully that'll get fixed, too. :)
  • this one is easy - remember my user name and password - I like clicking my mouse - thanks

  • Yes of course.
    This has to be the most requested feature from Windows users.

    So hopefully soon... :)

  • Hi all,

    Being "fresh" user since today, few ideas come to mind as improvements, maybe listed earlier already. I understand the idea of this DAW is solely for online collaboration and it gives a handful of functionalities which are in effect impossible to implement. Here's my shortlist:

    - MIDI export
    - Selected tracks export
    - Sample Pool

  • ...access/loading of my vst presets! bread n butter that

    freeze to audio clip!
  • Linux and Android OS support would be at the top of my list.
  • +1 Linux. Seriously.