ASPlayerV2.1 Overly-persistent settings

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ASPlayerV2.1 Overly-persistent settings
  • 1) Cleared out my gear window.
    2) Loaded up an instance of ASPlayerV2.1 - nothing loaded
    3) Clicked to load a ms2 file, selected one.  Appropriate samples loaded and ASPlayer graphic displayed.
    4) Deleted the ASPlayerV2.1 instance from the gear window.
    5) Loaded up an instance of ASPlayerV2.1 - same samples and graphic displayed.  Hmm!  That's not right...
    6) Deleted it again and waited a while... Loaded up and we're back to nothing loaded, as expected.

    This is repeatable.

    Some kind of sync up delay?
  • Thanks for reporting.

    It seems that many plug-ins have that same unexpected behaviour actually.