Zooming around (and around)

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Zooming around (and around)
  • I was chatting to yellow_force about this and it sounds like you guys are probably going to do something that helps anyway... but I thought I'd just post to say I think the existing zoom system needs some tweaks.

    It's hard to really say what is wrong but generally it's about keeping horizontal and vertical zoom factors independent to a greater degree.  I might need to see how six audio parts line up at an exact point - I don't want to zoom in vertically, just horizontally.  On the other hand, I might have a sequenced part open in Huge mode and want to collapse everything down as far as possible - but not change the horizontal zoom.  These are both quite tricky at the moment.

    It's often very difficult to reliably get back to a view you'd established, too, because of the way the display gets recalculated to fixed positions when the zoom changes.  (e.g. if you have the inspector open, zoom, then close it, changing the zoom out then in doesn't get you back to the same place).
  • Alright Peter, part of the issues you are raising have already been discussed. Thanks for explaining to what extent the zooming disturbs you. I also think the current four stages (up to 'huge') might not be the smartest way of partitioning.