Doesn't install

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Doesn't install
  • I joined like you guys in trying this software out and mine won't even install.It crashes out before it finishes.So I mentioned it on here but no reply or interest so from that point of view OhmStudio is a non starter.If no one can be arsed to explain to get back to me and see what the problem may be then they don't deserve my money.As a long time Sonar/Ableton user I was interested to see how this baby performed but if it won't even install what's the point.I should point out that this is on a dedicated music PC, not a laptop or home computer.Looks like some of you are enjoying it but for me you can forget it!If Ohms customer service is the same as their beta products then I wouldn't go near itAbleton has the second best customer service I've come across, (Renoise is first) and it won me over and it looks like I'll be staying with the big boys.Dave
  • Hi Wizard,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back you. We haven't seen your 23rd august post. 

    Firesledge will answer to you by tomorrow. He developed the windows installer.

  • Hi Dave,

    What is your system version? Do you run the installer with administrator rights?

    Could you please send us the content of your C:\Documents and Settings\(your username)\Application Data\Ohm Force\Ohm Studio\logs directory, if it exists. It is located in C:\Users\(your username)\... on Vista/Seven.

    When it crashes, what is the state of the progress bar?


    — Laurent
  • Disconnected from the net. Firewall and Antivirus turned off.
    I double click the install file. Maybe 15 seconds pass by then a dos window flashes up for a second. That closes and the crash box opens to tell me things did not go well.

    There is a dmp file. Is this useful to you? If so please tell me how you want it. Email?

    Log Installer Txt file....

    1 ED4 0.004 Log started
    2 EEC 0.007 main ERROR open(): Cannot open or create file "C:\DOCUME~1\Dave\LOCALS~1\Temp\" with flags 1b. Returned Windows error code 0x00000002. .\win32\File.cpp, Aug  5 2011 182
    3 EEC 0.007 main ERROR  Send Log FAILED ..\client\win32\CrashDetector.cpp, Aug  5 2011 364
    4 EEC 0.007 main INFO  Send Log Done. ..\client\win32\CrashDetector.cpp, Aug  5 2011 367
    5 ED4 0.017 main INFO Date  : 2011-09-08 15:31:07 .\LogPrint.cpp, Aug  5 2011 60
    6 ED4 0.017 main INFO svnrev: 62590 .\LogPrint.cpp, Aug  5 2011 65
    7 ED4 0.034 main INFO Running Engine .\Engine.cpp, Aug  5 2011 137
    8 48C 0.034 main INFO Booting .\Engine.cpp, Aug  5 2011 340

  • Does "C:\DOCUME~1\Dave\LOCALS~1\Temp\" exist?  Anything in it?  Can you create new files in it?  How much free space on the disk?
  • Indeed the .dmp file would be very useful for us. Could you please send it to contact at ohmstudio dot com ? Thanks.

    — Laurent
  • I've included all the files you asked for and emailed them to you.
    By the way. Do we get a reward at the end of all this or are we supposed to be overjoyed at telling people we are beta testers? Should be seeing as you're gonna get fat and rich off your testers backs.
    Just a thought.

  • The fat part is already acheived as for me. Last time I looked I was not rich though.

    But I'll let Crimson Force answer as for the reward part.
  • @Wizard: Thank you for sending the files, we got them along with your words of praise ;)

    Sorry for the 'contact at ohmstudio dot com' thing. Actually, Firesledge has a phobia about shortened links and spams and . and @ among others.

    (Firesledge: "arghhhhhhhhhh v@de retrö s@t@n@s").

    Please excuse him :/

    Now, the ethics of beta testing. We as makers of a product that is still in its early days of development are so thankful towards beta testers:
    • who without any prior pecuniary interest in mind accept to participate in the improvement of a new product, the success of which is as difficult to achieve as the challenge to overcome is tremendous.
    • to whom we developers grant free access to a service that will cease to be free as of official launch.

    We know that so many things could be improved. That's why we are open to suggestions and remarks. Yours are welcome too.

    The best thing we can do for you is to have the bloody application properly install on your computer, now we have your logs.

    For the moment, none of us is really living in luxury or can exhibit a healthy belly - well the rule does not apply for BzBzh, but his recently putting on weight relates much more to the new rise of poverty in urban areas in developed countries.

    But, hey, what a good idea! If we succeed in collecting some money with the Ohm Studio, won't we have definitely more resources to invest in our baby for you guys' sake?
  • so was this issue solved? Im having the same issue!!
  • Hi Fondu3.

    Are you also on Windows?
    Can you please tell me when during the installation process does the Ohm Studio crash?

  • Right after the initial installation.
    After it installs and gives me the option to run ohmstudio after I quit the installer. It then opens ohmstudio.
    Ohmstudio then checks for updates then it starts scanning plugins (or so it says) then it ohm guest crashes and it hangs at scanning plugins. Nothing gets scanned the load bar doesn't even make any progress. :/
  • Btw I'm on windows 7 64 bit
  • OK.

    We've just received your e-mail with the logs file attached.
    A developper will answer you shortly.


  • i have the same issue with the latest version...crashes while scanning plugins: Genohm.Vocod.dsp...

    i have had to reset my plugins folder so i shouldn't have any external ones causing trouble right now...
  • Ok. I'm back in the game after deleting the caches... and ohmstudiofolder in reg - then re-installing.

  • Hi remex. Thanks for reporting back.
    It seems that doing so often solves problems with the scanning process.
    Hopefully we'll eventually find and fix this issue soon.