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offline mod
  • i have read some posts and understood that you do not intend to make any offline mod of beta or (maybe I have misunderstood) final version? If that is so, then I must regret couse i cannot test or use (have no internet at home) this DAW. and I was very happy to participate in evolving of something good.  PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong!
    Anyway I am just me,'nobody extra' user so one user more-less,who counts!
      Just my observation that I am not the only one with this demand!
    I understood that you prefer collaboration and chat but I prefer that just like an option and NOT as must have!
    And other DAWs i use have that as an option but I cannot use it and I even don't want to connect my DAW computer on the net(bad expirience and some background services switched off))
    Instead of that, I export my work for collaboration and bring on the other internet-connected computer and send it.
    I could explain and find more and more reasons for offline mod but you can find them on yours forum by others users as well.
    I shall still keep monitoring your forum for something interesting but I cannot test and feedback until some kind of offline.
    thank you,
  • No, sorry, making an offline version than can later synchronize with the server is currently not planned, although we really wish we could do it. This is actually a pretty complex task, with lot of hidden side effects to deal with.

    — Laurent
  • Yan,

    Given that the main (marketed) strength of the Ohm Studio is the collaboration, how could you be interested in this solution as your workstation is offline? How did you become interested in the Ohm Studio?

    Thank you for your feedback.
  • ive been using some of yours vst plugins in my music work and i am very satisfied with enormous  possibilities of twiching sound and based on that expirience i decided to participate. i play/produce music live in nine-members hiphop band 3mc's,drummer,,bass,guitar,trumpet,keyboards and me with my daw,an other hardware)  and some other collabs as well.Both online ( and few other offline distant ways of collabs so i categorically claim that your daw with ONLY online possibility of collab is not ok . sometimes i do not work in town where i have internet and enjoy to produce in country at my village. you should try it and you will understand,take your laptop or other mobile studio and go to nature or something similar and you can have even better collaboration. everybody sometimes needs to be alone,isn't it?
    please do not missunderstund me, collaboration and synchronisation is ok and cool option but IMHO is not the ONLY way.

  • another reason of my desicion to participate is that i use my laptops and midi devices and other hardware like an instrument and maybe could try help to improve this at the start and not in version 2.0,3.0,4.0... or some features maybe never. i ve posted some things in wishlist
  • to :Firesledge [Ohm Force] -

    maybe a modularity is the key-just a data file for update like antivirus offline updateing? just a suggestion