Importing audio makes Ohmstudio crash

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Importing audio makes Ohmstudio crash
  • Everytime I try and import an audio track (wav)...Ohmstudio crashes back to the log in screen.......

    Created new song, cause my song 'Passing' would not snapshot...

    First i create an empty audio track, then try to import audio track that I had bounced to my desktop ... after a few seconds Ohmstudio crashes back to the log in screen



  • happens when I try to import MP3's also..........
  • Hello Harry.

    Importing MP3 is not supported on Windows yet.

    We've found some important problems on the server side, which is of course bad news.
    According to our developpers, many of the bugs that you were experiencing come from the server (and possibly the bug you are describing here).

    Some parts of the server are being completely "redesigned" right now.

    We will keep everyone posted as we make progress on this issue.

  • Was it a long track?
  • well, it was the 18 bar cello start to "passing' of my songs...