Unstoppable audio engine

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Unstoppable audio engine
  • Just had a crash on the 'Crap Jazz' project, where I had added the PEq tool to the rack and was adjusting the parameters while playing a loop. It somehow got into the state where the top-level application thought the audio was stopped, but the audio engine was still playing the loop.
    Clicking on stop - no effect
    Close project - hangs
    Kill application from task manager - still hangs and refuses to close.
    Only shutdown managed to stop it.
    This was on Win XP SP2.
  • Indeed, we are aware of this nasty problem. Sometimes, the audio engine loses its synchronisation with the main application and runs free. Try to kill both ohm_studio_guest.exe (the audio engine process) and ohm_studio_net_mp_host.exe (the main application).

    If you cannot kill the audio engine with the task manager, it’s generally a driver-related issue. ASIO drivers seem more prone to this kind of behaviour for some reason. However it’s the first time I heard the main application cannot be killed. You can make explicitly crash and hopefully terminate one of these processes by pressing three times quickly the upper left key above TAB (`~ on a QWERTY keyboard) then typing HCRASH for the main app and CRASH for the audio engine.

    Keep us informed if it happens again, we also would like to get the logs: send us a zip file with the content of C:\Documents and Settings\(your username)\Application Data\Ohm Force\Ohm Studio\logs\ as soon as you get this problem, before restarting Ohm Studio.

    — Laurent