No MIDI input

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No MIDI input
  • I have not been able to trigger any gear in the rack from my MIDI controller
    I know that my MIDI setup is correct as It works withh all my othere DAW's on my
    As far as OhmStudio I have instanstaited the plug in on the track
    and selected the Proper MIDI input ut no sound is triggered
    When I open the plug-in edit window I am able to play the keys in it woth the mouse.
    any ideas?
  • "selected the Proper MIDI input"

    So I assume your MIDI device is recognized so that it can be seen in Preferences?

    What is it anyway?
  • There's a known bug that makes your midi controller unresponsive the first time you use it in the Ohm Studio.
    Have you tried to quit and relaunch the ohmstudio and see if it is still not working?

    If yes, then please tell us what MIDI controller you're using.


  • Presently I have have A Presonus Firestudio and a MOTU Midi Express XT as MIDI interfaces
    I have plugged my Controllers (Alesis Fusion8Hd and Native Instrument Maschine) to each of interfaces, and the proper input is selected and I have restarted Ohmstudio numerous times with no luck
    Let me reiterate, that alll of these devices are working properly with my various DAW's which include Logic, Reason, Digital Performer, Ableton Live, and Pro Tools, my contoller is working properly with them all.
    If it is of any help I am running OSX 10.6.8, on a Apple Imac quad core I5 with 12Gb of ram 
  • Hello there.

    Thank you for your answer. I have reported your problem to the developpers.

    I actually happen to have the same problem with my own MIDI Keyboard, an E-MU longboard.
    It is available in the input source menu, but is not triggering any MIDI signal when I play some notes when I'm windows (it works fine on Mac).

    So yes, there are still some problems with the handling of MIDI in the Ohm Studio and we're progressively improving it.

    We just released a new version yesterday that fixes some bugs with MIDI. Could you please give it a try and tell us if it is any better now.

  • Sorry it took so long to get back out of town for a bit
    Happy to report with this latest update MIDI is now working
  • Having what sounds like the same problem on 62404 -- MIDI inputs are available in preferences, but no MIDI indicator or actual notes. This is happening via both a PCR-800's USB connection and the MIDI in port on an MOTU Ultralite. Both work fine in other apps.
  • Just to add a "me too" on this.  OS is Windows7 64bit, access is via MIDI Yoke (so 32bit drivers into OhmStudio).  As I've a problem with the MIDI Configuration screen, I'm not 100% certain it's not "something else" but it sounds like this problem.
  • We're going to rework the MIDI implementation soon, so that you can record and edit MIDI parameters (other than notes and velocity) inside the Ohm Studio.

    At the same we'll try to find what is causing some MIDI controller not to work (even though they're detected by the Ohm Studio). We will report back here as we make progress on this.

    Thank you for your patience.
  • I have the same problem. My MIDI interface is set in preferences but I can't hear me playing.

    EDIT : My bad, it's working, now, I had forgotten to do something on my keyboard.

  • I'm having the same problem with my akai LPK25 (showing up but no midi input), the keyboard works perfectly on other DAW's