Weekly Collaboration Events - Exploring some ideas

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Weekly Collaboration Events - Exploring some ideas
  • Tired of the same old themes ?    

    So Many BPM ...
    The Big Hit ....
    Skeleton Comes First ...
    TV Show

    Well ...  it's a free speech world ...  at least in ohmstudio forums :)  we can suggest more ! 
    (and ... 
    its our cohmunity responsibility to contribute ideas to encourage collaboration and excite/build the cohmunity ... - just sayin ' :)

    Please suggest some more themes ...

    Timewarp               -  Tempo /Time Signature Shift projects

    Spinal Tap !            -  Spoofs and Goofs - all for fun !!      
                                    (an example might be dread zepellin - elvis vocals, zepellin music done in reggae)

        Genre                 - Blues Weekend, Rock, Jazz, Reggae, etc.
                                    maybe up to 12 starter projects  - 4 genres 3 per genre
                                    increased in templates  might encourage more to join collab projects during events - as often projects fill up early

       GenreFusion        -  Funk/Punk,  Celtic Metal, etc., Orchestral Reggae, etc. - Genre A,/Genre B/ "C", etc.   fused projects

       Multiple Genre     -  more than one genre within a project - each distinctly different, not fused.

    Holiday Themes     - eg; Halloween, Thanksgiving, Xmas, Festivus, and all the rest !

    Skeleton Comes First Projects
      - Individual instrument starter shells for collab projects - often drum starters which are great !!, but we need other starters too !!:

    Instrumental Acapella !            - vocals for all instruments 
    Vocalists Night !                      -   no instrumentals only
    Bass Player  Night !
    Keyboard Night - Piano, Organ
    Synth/FX Night
    Drummer Night !
    Acoustics Night !
    Bagpipe Solo with Digeridoo/Throat Singing Night !   (one of my fav's - just kiddin)

    You get the idear here ...

    Feel free to suggest your favorite things to do  - with respect to making music for collab events that is :)

  • Excellent thread ! 

    Timewarp > good idea
    Spinal Tap ! > good idea

    Genre (or one instrument, in the list below): I feel there's a need for a bigger crowd for this to catch on.

    Multiple Genre => that was initially the rule for "So Many Genre". It can come back, but I felt it was a bit overdone.

    Holiday Themes => we already do Halloween, Xmas, New Eve. I don't know the others :P

  • How about this as an idea?

    I have always liked the idea of taking a set of lyrics and giving them to a number of different composers to see how they interpret the words.

    So how about we have a lyric weekend and see how many and how varied the songs will be?

    I guess all we need are some decent lyrics!



  • Actually we already did that in the past and indeed it was nice. But we need more lyrics !
  • Red If you remember I sent you some :)

  • Daah Daah Da Da Da Da Daah

    Event Title


  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • cpl got your stuff. Taht will be next friday !
  • Some Thoughts ....

    Would be cool to have some contests and some clinics in addition to Weekend  - 4 song collab theme events ....

    Contests ....  
    whatever the topic, win an Ohm t-shirt, win a  free month of subs
    cheap, easy - builds community

    Clinics ...

    Ohm Intro and Basics

    1. set-up/config, Using a cloud based DAW
    2.  Concept of projects, public/private/open/closed/visible/hidden/cloneable and admin/contrib roles
    3.  Cohmunity Collaboration tips and social etiquette

    Ohm Intermediate/Advanced

    1. advanced editing, fades, time stretching, quantizing, sidechains, multi channel/rack setup for drums software.

    2.  FX processing best practices  (send to reverb aux, mute dry on the reverb, multiple auxs for different FX for easier layering etc.)

    3.  Mixing/Mastering

    4.  Music Theory

    5.  Instrument Clinics

    6. Getting ones music ... "Out There"

     Internet Music sites/services
    Making Music Videos
    Selling ones music
    Ohmites experiences
  • Irockus,
    I whole heartedly agree with what you you say.
    Ohm should try and make the experience more inclusive.

    Competitions would make the Friday Events much more fun.

    There are some videos out there but they are not as focused as you suggest.
    They should be created as a series of consistent tutorial videos.

    But Ohm are so quiet these days. I don't think their heart (or maybe money) is in it anymore :(

  • I am all in for helping this as long as someone has a project, but we can't handle competitions at the time. It's way more time consuming than you'd think (did a few with Ohm Force).

    My 2 cents: you guys create your own community structure, you manage it as you see fit, I help with visibility and everything I reasonably can. As I'll detail soon ohmstudio isn't my main task those days so I can't handle things the way I did. Also I do feel community effort is just a best fit for this kind of things than company making the platform being the controle freak.

  • If you have any questions regarding weekend collaboration events, feel free to post them here
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