Ohm Studio desperately NEEDS to be 64-bit!

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Ohm Studio desperately NEEDS to be 64-bit!
  • Hi.

    I know this issue has been up before, but here it is again, cause I can't STRESS enough how important 64-bit support is. It's a deal-breaker - for me and many of my colleagues! I simply won't be using/buying Ohm Studio until it has 100% 64-bit support. I've spent so much time getting pure x64 plugins now that I refuse to take a step back. Even better, IMO, would be if you did like the Logic guys and made it strictly 64-bit - thereby simply removing everything 32-bit in it. But that's just wishful thinking - not an essential idea... the important thing is that you ASAP implement 64-bit support (alongside 32-bit support or not)!

    Ohm Studio really looks and feels great. Could be my new main DAW for electronic productions - but not a day before it's 64-bit. And I know a lot of my  colleagues in the music production business feel the same way. It's a x64 world now.

    Before I end this message I must give respect to you guys for an awesome product (with just one big, but fixable, flaw) that I'm sure I'll be a future satisfied user of. The GUI also looks great!

  • Hi Ulri

    Thank for the kind words.

    64bit is in the list but it's topped by things like offline mode & a new audio engine (that will allow a heap of features). We tend to prioritize things with no workaround and 64bit plugs can be already efficiently used with jBridge, wich is nearly mandatory to own if you ever start to get 64 bit plugins (would it only be to get 32 bits plugs still running in your DAW). 

    It has to be noted that Ableton properly addressed the pros & cons of 64bit in that faq


    Everything stated here is right.There is absolutely no bonus for 64 bit plugins appart from getting more RAM. Which is only useful for intense sample use. Especially, it sounds absolutely identical.  

    You can feel that they're not especially enthusiastic of 64b plugs: sure you get more RAM for your sampler but for everything else it's clearly a huge draw back in term of compatibility and to a lesser extent, stability. So yes, 64 bits but not at the cost of 32 bits. You just don't wipe zillion of nice plugs (free or not) just for the sake of sampler users. 

  • As an intense sampler user, I wholly agree -- no problem with 32bit plus workarounds here.  I can't think of any 64bit plug-in I have that doesn't come with a 32bit counterpart.

    (For my ninjam sessions, I'm now using 12Gb of RAM :D -- completely unneeded in OhmStudio, though...)

    There are far higher priorities than 64bit support in OhmStudio and the list the Force have given is pretty good, I think.  (Personally, I'd put all MIDI-related items at the top of the list but that's just me...)
  • Well, I think we are getting there. Session Horns Pro needs 6BG of RAM...

  • It's a x64 world now.

    I agree.
    FL Studio 64bit is now officially available (even though FLStudio already had a built-in "32/64bit bridging" technology).
    I think that Ohm Studio and EnergyXT are the last 2 DAWs that are still 32bit only.
  • Hi there I've just searched again for the topic. I just wanted to leave a reminder and a different view - I found several notes from red_force telling that other things are higher priority than 64 bit.
    I could not disagree more. I can use the program for making music without an offline mode, I can use it without a new audio engine. I can use it with all the bugs that might be there. I cannot use a 32 bit application for anything else than toying around. I love the interface and the concept of ohmstudio but there is no way of doing anything that could lead to a a produced track if you're relying on virtual instruments.

    To conclude: Is a 64 bit version ever coming? That's not meant as an offend. I have in mind that a mail concerning the development of ohmstudio has been sent quite a while ago. I'm just interested in the topic - do I have to drop my thoughts about Ohmstudio or is there still hope
  • Hey,
    Yes, 64b world is a fact. But you have to agree that many of 64b plugins are in fact still more or less unstable, more or less advanced development versions.
    We need to remember also that Ohm Studio as opposed to Ableton or other big developers, needs to carefully pick their. next programming tasks as this is far smaller team and what is important for one user, not necessarily is such for others.
    Anyway guys, keep up the great work!
  • sorry man, I'm working in Post production. all day every day. I have yet to come across a plugin that seems to be unstable because of it beeing 64bit. in fact - the world did change with pro tools 11 quite dramatically and actually got a lot better.

    I'm aware that some users might have a different position but I only can emphasize my view on this: I can live without offline mode. I even could live the strange way of handling Midi CC, especially for multitibral instruments like kontakt. But I just can't do anything with a 32bit application when it comes to music. virtual instruments do need ram.
  • Hello skowix,

    I will disagree. I use 64 bit plugins since years now. I have no problems with stability. They are not unstable!
    I am thinking about using Ohm Studio for collaborative work, but at the moment I use file sharing because of the lack of 64bit support.

  • I just discovered that the problem is also related to ASIO. More and more modern soundcards are 64 bits only.
    After an evening of effort, I have to figure that I can no more play my projects.

    So I have to say goodbye to ohmstudio, until ohmforce release a compatible 64 bits version!

  • Hiya Alex !!

    Dang !    Sorry to see you go :(   Can you keep an old interface around so we can still collab here once in a while ? :)

    You are right, 64 bit is catching up with them, more than just an inconvenience for plugins.
    I know the UAD Thunderbolt interfaces require 64 bit DAW, not just OS,  and it will just be a matter of time before others do the same.
    Of greater concern for MAC users is that MAC OS 10.1.5  due out next year simply wont support 32 bit apps at all, so even if you have an audio interface which works with 32 bit ohmstudio, if you upgrade to the new MAC OS next year, you wont be able to run Ohmstudio.  You wont be forced to upgrade to the new MAC OS, but in case you wanted to, you need to sacrifice your ability to run 32 bit apps.

    "May Ohmforce make a lot of money somehow to continue investment in their totally unique unrivaled ohmstudio product".

    Keep the  faith !     Wishing you all the best !
  • I'm still around.
    and I still hope to come back. I will let the holiday pass and try to find a solution.

    My main concern is that I don't have much time free. I love ohmstudio, but for the past two years, I've three musical projects in real life, and I'm already struggling to cope with them.

    I'm thinking about increasing the number of inputs of my apollo for exceptional needs, so finding a cheap adat  interface is on the agenda. ..... which could be used for ohmstudio!

    That said, I think it was a mistake not to take the 64-bit turn. It is true that in 2012 this was not factually necessary. But that would have given the feeling that ohmstudio is seriously  looking to the future...
    A lot of people haven't take ohmstudio seriously (too wonderfull to be real) and the lack of 64 bits added an argument: it's indeed a toy.

    all my best wishes