Is Ohm Studio dead?

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Is Ohm Studio dead?
  • Sorry for asking this straight: The feature for offline rendering was announced with an estimated time frame "roughly the next six months". This was a year ago without any new progress indication.

    The last entry of the FB "Ohm Studio" page is dated January 2013, the forum is more than silent.

    So ... Is Ohm Studio dead? What are the plans? Version 2?
  • Same question here! And I'll be really sad if it is the case, as I have planned to go make some music with friends and random people. 

    Don't give up, people at Ohm Force! Don't let the first coop DAW die! And if it means no offline, so be it!  

  • "Ohm Studio isn't dead, but it smells funny" (thank Frank)

    On a more serious note, Ohm Studio is in no danger of anything (pretty much the opposite) but it's true the development has slowed down as we have re diversify our activities. In addition bad circumstances combined with less resources committed to Ohm Studio have factor into very frustrating (and I mean that for all of us) delays.

    Still I have personally tested the alpha of the local mode and I can confirm it's a few bugs away from being available for beta. Can't commit to any date but we have a lot of work put in it (way more than what remains to be done) so it's coming.
  • Hail Ohm Force! Hurray! \o/

  • Best news today!

    Is it possible to alpha/beta test the local mode as this would be a crucial requirement (worse internet at the drummer's place ;-))?

    Personally I do find the Ohm Studio a wonderful idea - is there anything (beside money ;-)) we can do to support?

    (speaking of pro bono 22 yrs of senior software development/architecture, C/C++/Java/C#)
  • Yea Red - lots of technical talent to which you can and should better leverage on ohmstudio.

    pro bono, as in gratis, as in you don't pay for the added help :)

    My kingdom for metadata sort indexes for projects, grouping or folder mechanism to organize ones projects, private project tab, midi send/receives, and multiple outs :)  - I can wait on offline, 64 bit, and loop recording - and I betcha the majority could wait for that and desperately want the other things above  (and VCA input groups too )

    I hope you haved dropped Steam interface moving forward altogether - lots of work, not lots of payback
    If this is where you make your sub money from ohmies ... I'll eat my hat and your shorts in a  single meal.
    I know this is where we get a lot of spammers from.

    Take those dollars and finish your core development faster and consider some marketing ...

    Ohmstudio is a secret, it really is. 

    You do not have any presence in a musical instrument stores for ohmstudio.  It should be packaged with audio interfaces like Cubase light, ableton live light, Protools , on and on ....

    I love Ohmstudio and so would thousands of others if they knew it existed, it can be so much more and time is ticking  (meaning I'm getting older and want to live to see V2 !)

    ok - enough beatings ... Can't wait to see  whats next Red and here to help :)

  • Very unfortunate this. OhmStudio was unique. Now it's being overtaken by others(i.e. Splice, Gobbler) who takes this concept to the next level. It will be hard to keep up....
  • Ohm Studio is truly one of a kind right now.
    you cant beat the real time collaboration that you get here with any of the other offerings.

    The others that you mention,etc. operate very differently. What they are missing is precisely what Ohm Studio has , which is a truly shared real-time workspace for projects.

    Ohmstudio is the only cloud based, real time collaboration, fully fledged DAW.

    Ohm Studio is far from dead, but it is not moving forward very fast due to a number of reasons, more likely than not , financial/resource related in nature.

    I'm looking forward to seeing ohmforce better leverage its Ohm Studio community resources meaning us.

    Long live Ohm Studio!

    "we are here to care, we'll take you there ..."

  • New to this program (but really not new to computer based audio...)
    This program kicks butt... just too cool and works well :-))))
    Great work, can't wait for offline mode :-)))
  • I think there is great confusion as to what ohm studio has to offer in collab mode for working musicians and producers.... I can accomplish the same by going to the mall, grabbing random people and plugging a bunch of wireless mice to my workstation.... We can all imagine how much work would get done.... The concept, in fruition, is frankly an engineers nightmare. The guitarist mixes the guitar, the drummer mixes the drums, etc. etc.
    Actually if ohm wants to make it great it must be like the whispermaphone in the Lorax. "Put the wav files in the bucket and wait for the response." -the other options of cloneable and public, mean that I can have almost no control, or zero control. This is alarming for the guy who works in the control room.
    And uvi workstation..... don't get me started on that ilok studded vsturd. My grandfather threw his dongle in the river years ago, along with those silly noises. Sorry to offend the crew here, but in my big collection of (mostly free)software essentials that I protect with my life, there is no uvi-workstation, and i cannot recall one single indispensable ohm plugin. Ever. So.... if this clunky daw is an attempt to sell plugs, it fails. If it is an online track manager for collaboration, it fails. (no wav export? just ogg, so i have to convert before export import to a real daw. A little extra dicking, thanks.)

    In short, get your heads out of the sand. This place is just a weird alternate audio reality.
    Ohm studio should be a plug-in if anything. If it managed mirrored track files, let me chat and connect on my daw of choice, i would buy it. But I won't for one minute, pretend that this daw is anything like standard or useful for me. And I won't suffer the insult of restricted export for open source encoders!!!!! (ogg is free, wav is paid?!, What? both lossless and freely transcoded) Okay thanks for selling me free things.
    Stop trying to reinvent the wheel, you are just confusing new producers and steamers.
    You're doing it wrong!
    It goes like this.
    Pick any file service... and GET BACK TO WORK!
    This daw is made of Legos!

    So I'm sure some admin will delete this, while you are at it, get off your whatevers and maintain your forum, it's the spine of a website and must run smoothly to be credible. The same korean spam has been there since i signed up.

    BTW. Am I the only one who uses their laptop and skype or wechat to handle online sessions smoothly without letting anyone touch my daw or project? It's pretty simple. you connect your talkback mic to the mixer (shouldn't it be there already?) and sub audio to the laptop line input. I turn the chat-camera to screen if needed but it never is. We are using all kinds of software and rack gear this way with no snags. and we are talking, not typing. don't describe the sound, play it and communicate, in real time. with a god damned cellphone!!!

    I can rant no further.

  • We received new korean (or whence ever) spam every day now.

    I feel something like this about it:
    And to this I can only answer for now (sorry I have no vids for that): " Someday, Jennifer. Someday"
  • Hiya Slimm,

    Sorry that your experience wasn't up to your expectations. I believe many people share a lot of your views, including myself to some extent.

    OhmStudio was created and is maintained by a small group of aliens, between 6 and 10 , I believe.

    They are using the classic cover... " we're from France". We have all seen the Coneheads movie.

    There is additional evidence. You can send an email to France and get a response in the same day, ohmstudio support responses usually take anywhere from 2 days to possibly not at all. Even sending them the money can take many days to process, that's because it always takes a couple days to do a currency change to " Andromodons".

    In all seriousness, ohmstudio version 1 was a multi-year effort by about 6 guys from france with no money. And these same six guys also make ohmforce plugs, which I agree , are not indispensable plugs but then again I don't think anyone's are indispensable nowadays. They are pretty cool though !

    They invented a new technology - FLIP, and effectively demonstrated its potential with ohm Studio, the first and to my knowledge the only shared collaborative online only DAW.

    The company's efforts have steered away from this first product and are focused on selling and Licensing their technology of a shared collaborative workspace engine - IRISATE.

    Once they make some money I think they will inject more resources into ohm Studio once again.

    No doubt ... lots of limitations to ohmstudio as a DAW in terms of functionality by comparison to other DAWS.

    My only response is Version 1, only 6 guys, not making money on it... you're right everybody will still need another DAW for now.

    Version 2 , if it's going to have offline capability as advertised , will have to raise the bar to compete with other DAWS and implement many missing features to put it on Par with others.

    Now...Some cool things about ohm Studio

    free 10 active projects forever with no limitations on functionality, like limits on # of tracks etc.

    Cloud storage of your projects, auto
    matic snapshots every 15 minutes

    Ability to create public and private projects with private tracks which cannot be messed with or altered by anyone but you.

    over 300,000 projects

    over 100,000 user accounts, not a lot of simultaneous users, but generally a fair enough amount to collaborate withave, a fairly tight group
    of regulars frequent ohm daily, weekly, new people always coming along.

    Shared VST editing

    Midi editor is actually pretty good.

    Works very well as a teaching tool.
    Several people use OhmStudio to tutor online professionally.

    And in my opinion the best part the reason that I use it at all, the vast majority of musicians and community are top shelf !!!.

    I've made more than 200 songs with people from at least 15 different countries whom I would have never met or had exposure to without ohm Studio.

    I myself am able to get around most of the DAW limitations for the sake of being able to compose and collaborate with great artists from all over the world.

    I use another DAW, Reaper. I'm willing to bet most who use ohm Studio use another DAW as well.

    Anyhow, not disagreeing with your criticisms about the daw matunity or parity of features with others, but it is still very cool and unique.

    Best regards and happy holidays !!
  • And yes they have to make money eventually so they do charge for the pro version which allows 24 bit wav export , one time fee about 50 bucks

    And yes cloud storage cost money its not free so when you want more than 10 simultaneous active projects with snapshots you need to subscribe, about 8-9 bucks a month gets you unlimited projects. That's one less lunch at McDonald's a month.

    Anyhow it's worth it to me :)

    Looking forward to a version two some time in 2017. Cross your fingers:)
  • UVI...Ilock studded vturd, LOL !
  • I am 99% sure that there is nobody left working for ohm studio. Myself and many friends who were all beyond excited for the program all created accounts and got no return emails. Nobody from the company ever responds to anyones questions or tickets, and that goes back a few years plus...

    very disapointing that only older users can utilize the program, but not to its full extent. they cant add new users to their project, which is the whole point...

    im embarrassed that i told almost ALL of my musician friends that we had an outlet to work on recording projects at our own pace, but it was too good to be true...

    does anybody know any other programs like ohmstudio, or do i have to keep using gmail???

    thanks if you want to collaborate
  • Ohmstudio version 1 will continue to operate.
    It is true that it is essentially functionally stable meaning there won't be any updates or fixes applied, hence the lack of activity in the forums.

    The company ohmforce is very small and they do not make money on this product.

    the back end of ohm studio is really their unique creation called the flip database. The ohm Studio application is an excellent demonstration application of what one can do with the flip database.

    Ohm force is trying to license their database technology to other companies as well as sell it in another product called irisate- you can think of it as OHM studio for cadcam shared engineering drawings and schematics.

    They also make all of the ohm Force vst plugs.

    Ohm studio will be kept around at a minimum in its current state as long as they are trying to sell their flip database model - they put many many many years into its development, so I think you can expect ohm Studio to be around for quite a while.

    Just thought I'd set the record straight.

    hang in there and keep the faith baby !
  • I know ive been a little harsh towards ohmstudio, but only because i told a lot of people that we would easily be able to collaborate on the program and had them all setup accounts.... otherwise id be ok and find another way... there is still good old gmail/ google drive to pass traxxx back n forth, but this program is way better of an option...
  • I can't even use it. Servers are down.........
  • IMO the focus was too much on the DAW instead of what it was intended for. Users wanted/expected a fully fledged DAW and compared it with what they already have?! 

    At the start, if I recall correctly, users could list an ad about what they had to offer(bassist, mix engineer singer etc etc.. At the end, all there was was some sort of thread/forum where everything got lost in translation. It was much harder to find each other. I did a request for a singer and after a day it ended up on page 30!

    I wish they kept it simple. Hopefully, I can use it soon again.
  • i finally got a response from their team saying theyre working on a lot of things...
  • Everything should be working now
  • pharmies said:

    i finally got a response from their team saying theyre working on a lot of things...

    OhmStudio things?

  • coinop said:

    pharmies said:

    i finally got a response from their team saying theyre working on a lot of things...

    OhmStudio things?

    hopefully.....i am new, looks quite...but i love the idea, its modern its mybe better than teamviewer XD
  • It seems dead to me! I purchased Ohmstudio at launch and only recently attempted to use it. Too many core functions missing, like 64bit etc. I'm uninstalling it now :(