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  • Apparently there's something going on with the server responsible for sending confirmation emails to new accounts. In fact I have tried with 3 different email addresses and domains with no result. Problem looks simple but very frustrating , site says go to your email click on the confirmation link (checked junk folders etc) , you go to your email and there's nothing there.
  • same for me
  • the service is dead? i had no email either.(((
  • I have the same problem here... <.<
  • I have the same problem. Is there any chance that its solveble?
  • It is fixed now.
    Sorry for troubles.
  • Same problem, gmail is a no go?
  • I haven't received one either 
  • Same for me!
  • its November and Im having the email issue. nobody from the company will respond to emails, tried both, or forums or tickets that are started... my assumption is that the company went under and has like one employee to handle everything and he may or may not be highly incompetent...

    we all obviously want to use and PAY actual money for this program but they dont have the respect to email us or answer us back...
  • Hey folks,

    Please try it again the email registration was down.

    You are right in that ohm Studio support has definitely diminished but it's still exists and it's still out there.
  • good to hear, im hoping to be proved wrong... such a great tool for adult musicians, possibly with jobs and kids, and not a lot of time to leave the house for writing or jam sessions... we can record in our underwears, at home, at our own pace! Nothing beats that!