2016 Forum - Ohmstudio (created 3/23/16)

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2016 Forum - Ohmstudio (created 3/23/16)
  • Any updates on Ohmstudio Version 2 ?
  • honestly man so far from what I have seen this program is dead, all the posts are from a year ago and the devs have not answered a single email i have sent for multiple problems So i dont think we will ever see a version 2 and those that paid for this got ripped off
  • I don't believe it's dead yet but to quote ohm Studio folks , "I believe it's starting to smell."

    Version 2 is still being actively worked on. Hang in there :)

  • Ohmstudio is still alive, however there is no forecast for a version 2.

    The existing ohm studio version 1 will continue to operate.

  • glad to hear. im not giving up yet... thanks again for going out of your way to help figure it out... post a link to your tunes if you have any posted online, and ill support and give some listens...
  • Thanks

    They had to take the application down and they have brought it back up but the website is not up yet.

    I do have some information on some Alternatives that I will share with you in the near future.

    Got to grab some dinner and spend some time with my wife tonight, but you can expect another communication for me probably tomorrow
  • thanks for all your responses!