2018 Weekend Collaboration Events ... there back !

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2018 Weekend Collaboration Events ... there back !

  • Would you Like to Host a Weekend Collab Event ?

    You can in three easy steps:
    Step 1
    Pick a Weekend to Host - open calendar right now

    Just create 4 public projects (more if so desired)
    Use the naming convention  ...

    Weekend Collab – “Month” “Day” 2018 – Project Number “X”

    You pick the theme/topic for the event, enter this information in the comments section when you create the projects… 

    Step 2
     Invite at least two trusted ohmies as Admin's to co-manage the projects, contribute a track or two if you like to one or more of the projects.

    Theme Ideas here ...
    (scroll to the top of the thread)

    Step 3
    Notify Ohmies in the public chat of the upcoming event, send out emails to your friends/contacts if you like, open a window and shout out the information to random people in the street, whatever you like. 

    If you send me (Irockus) an email in ohmstudio with the information in advance of the event, I will make certain it is published on the ohm peace band web site for now... and for the near future.... on the  ohmstudio facebook page.