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Features Request
  • Any news about v2? In DAW time, it's been 'years' (also in real time :)  ) since we heard back from ohmstudio. I bought it to show my support because it's a great idea. But at this pace, Bitwig, cubase, etc will release a collaboration feature faster than Ohmstudio would release a DAW with feature parity to the desktop-only crowd.
  • As a software to collaborate with people all over the world, specially with music, OHM is missing few major and very important parts.

    1 - Timeline Marking - So everyone will have a clue about the structure of the song.
    2 - Timeline Chord TAB, at least, so everyone has some clue on the key and scale of the song.
    3 - Only admin can delete anything on the timeline, including tracks. Contributors can only delete patterns they have added, private or public. This avoids lots of heartache of people deleting hard work, accidentally or intentionally.

    1 - Having the option to have track inserts to audio interface output and input, for people who like to use hardware gear to process audio.
    2 - Sub Mix out. Similar to current Aux Send, but it goes to a Sub Mix for headphone mix out, to allow a musician to have different mix to the admin master bus mix.

    Just my input for V2.
  • Is there really a V2 under construction ?
  • We need better VST automation handling. Better drawing tools and curves and lines and points. Look at the great automation implementations in other daws like: Studio One, FLStudio, Reason, Bitwig. - and please note that it is really a mistake that you are adding Video to version 2 when there are so many much more important audio and midi functionalities that your DAW currently lacks and that we could absolutely do with.
  • Lots of VST just doesn't work...
    Despite what the developpement team is saying, this product is dying.
  • I migrated to UAD and ... well... The least I can say is that UAD is not a good pal with ohmstudio. The problem arises even without any plugin. It's pretty unstable, crackles, freeze and co.
    And indeed, if the DAW is more or less usable, each time I try an UAD plugin, it crashed!
  • Synchro Play. Can u add please a Synchro Play. This is very usefull in order to listen all the musicians the same part (cicle). For example to listen a cariation in a plugin (compressor o chorus, etc).
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