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Tested plugins list
  • We try to build and update a tested plugins list. Please report us in this forum when you've tested a plugin (even if it works! :-) ).

    Here is the list. For convenience we use a google spreadsheet document : http://tinyurl.com/ohmstudioplugs
  • EZDrummer isn't working for me.  It shows up as "Dfh Sampler" and crashes while it loads samples saying the Audio Engine has crashed.
  • Here's a quick list I threw together when taking a first look at Ohm Studio.

  • Its late and I am about to head for bed... but I wanted to try some drum VSTs first. I copied FXpansion's Geist and LinPlug's RMV into the VST-Ohmstudio folder. 

    RMV appears fine, but Geist is not visible in the list and presumably has been 'blacklisted'.

    More tomorrow.
  • Massive works but doesn't recall the patch when session is reloaded
  • iDrum does not recall the previous patch used!
  • It seems to be a new bug. 
    Does the Minimonsta recall the previous patch for you ? It works here. Just to know if it's up to your configuration or to some specific VST plugins.

  • Virus TI (both snow and normal vsti's) fail to scan.
  • I tried NI Maschine yesterday. Loaded and worked fine. Audio drag into the DAW worked fine. Although MIDI drag didnt seem to work.
  • I've been playing around with a few vst's, I've noticed that ones that do work and save presets the inspector changes as you change preset, but the ones that don't the inspector parameters stay at the same position when you change preset. Obviously when the project reloads it defaults to what the inspector says and not the VST GUI.

    Update: if you tweak the preset by the inspector and save it it remembers but not by the GUI itself
  • tried FM8

    worked fine but doesn't recall settings of project when loading again.


    works drag and drop audio and also is incorporated in the BOUNCE even when only internal sequencing of maschine. also no recall of settings/sounds when re-loading the project.

  • Amazing list, i have some quite more stuff to try on ohmstudio, results soon!
  • All the NI plugins were accepted at installation, even Vokator ... long forgotten. Also Surge (by Vember Audio) is working and all my Flux stuff too (Pure Pack, Syra, Epure and Solera II). The only things that were put on the black list were plugins by FXpansion (Synth Squad and Geist).
  • NI Reaktor (Player) with Razor Synth opened and sounds were playable.
    Couldn't quit the project - will try again.

    OKAY, project with Reaktor/Razor only works! Doesn't remember the preset/settings, but loads:)
  • NI plugins working with glitches. Kore would not recognize from c3 to f3. It would record the midi input but would not playback through Kore Player.
  • I've been testing Superior Drummer 2.2.1 this evening. It has been working just fine together with other tracks, such as Minimonstas and audio recordings.
  • Guitar Rig 4 seems to be working just fine for me.
  • Anton, can you check you do not have problems with the Guitar Rig 4 preset browser?
  • Synth1 works fine.
  • only tried a few in my fun tests. Nexus and Harmless work well
  • also, while loading up, 2 fl studio plugins froze my application when attempting to log in and doing the initial vst sweep. Had to remove the files in order to get in the application.
  • XLN Audio Addictive Drums works OK so far.
  • I had a crash trying to use AAS Lounge Lizard Session on a WinXP laptop.
  • Thank you for reporting.
    We'll investigate.
  • I also had a crash trying to use AAS Ultra Analog Session on a WinXP laptop
  • East West Plugins work/Play engine...

    Cant get it to read Omnishpere/Trillian yet....are 64 bit plugins possible?

  • Battery 3 works great!!!

  • Is this list (the Google spreadsheet) Mac specific or have the plugins been tested on Win platform too? Also, can you add a date to the top of the sheet so we know the last time it was updated? Thx
  • XLN Audio Addictive Drums 1.5.2 doesn't work. It isn't listed in plugin's list.
  • CM-505 from Lin-plug. drum machine instrument that came free with computer music a few years back. attempt to drag it into rack results in - "wrapvst.bundle crashed!" . then i have to restart audio engine. 
  • Kontakt 4 does not load on starting the software
  • EZ Drummer closes Ohmstudio when i try to change the preset kit

    Yellow Tools Inpedence Free seems to work absolutely fine though.....
  • Actually a quick amendment to that comment - Independence Free doesn't auto load the last preset when you reopen the project
  • Macbook late 2006 
    fireface 400

    plugs that chrashed the first vst scan during ohm studio startup:
    ni absynth
    flux stereotool

    chrashed during work on a project:
    aas lounge lizard (that hurts!)
    virus ti

    battery 3
    softube spring reverb
    melda production plug ins
    fabfilter twin 2
  • Sugarbytes Unique works ok.
  • Hmmm... Running Addictive Drums 1.1 and it works fine. I didn't realize how old this version is on the Mac. It's updated on the PC (but I haven't used ohmstudio on the PC yet). I'm off to download the latest for Addictive Drums and will report back. 

    Kontakt 4 as mentioned works flawlessly. 
  • Got a crash with Bleep Box VST (drum synth) but I'm brand new to Ohm, so perhaps didn't set it up right? ;-)
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