Ohm Studio interface does not load.

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Ohm Studio interface does not load.
  • It was working earlier this morning, and now all that happens after I click login, is a continuously rotating circle, the actual DAW interface isn't loading.

    I tested it by entering a different password, and it came up with Authentication Failure, which tells me the login works fine, but once authenticated (using the correct password), ohm studio just sits there spinning it's little circle over and over again, I tried completely uninstalling using revo uninstaller, and re-installing ohm studio, it didn't make any difference at all,,, even now, that rotating circle is still going as I'm writing this post, and I started it about 15 minutes ago.
  • Same here ...
  • I very much doubt any of the devs even come in to this forum anymore, they seem to be more interested in other pursuits, and leave ohm studio to run itself,,,,,I hope they realize when something goes wrong, with either the server or the software it does not repair/fix itself,,, human intervention IS required.
  • OK, I used a packet sniffer to see what was going on between ohm studio and the server, and it seems everything is working fine, communication between ohm studio and the servers is OK, but the DAW interface still does not want to open, and the circling disc is still spinning,,,,, it seems everything that is supposed to happen is actually happening behind the spinning circle, something is not performing the action to open the DAW interface, 
  • Okey thats kinda good news! Now we can only hope that the devs can/ will do something about it!
  • @gurra247 I wouldn't hold yer breath, their facebook page is so outdated, there is no recent posts except me and some other user that has the same problem, the latest posts are dated 2013, it seems the devs have no interested in ohm studio anymore and are concentrating all their effects on something else, and leaving ohm studio with the attitude "if it works, it works, if it don't? oh well", IMO someone should buy out ohm studio and run it themselves, at least someone will be there if there's a problem with the server(s).

    This has happened before, but back in 2013, and back then the devs kept people up to date with news, but now?  Nope, not even a whisper.

    If it isn't fixed in the next 2 days, I'll dump ohm studio, I still have master backups of my tracks, I'll go elsewhere,,,, maybe I'll try some of the others. ohm studio isn't the only collaboration site, perhaps the other sites will have better support.
  • Everything is working again. THX!

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