Is UVI recommended as a synth?

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Is UVI recommended as a synth?
  • To answer the question, NO!, it installs pace, which actually interferes with other legit software, there are lots of VSTi's at that DON'T install locking software.

    Believe it or not, 'Pace' actually scans the programs folder (32 and/or 64 bit) and looks for legit software that is not registered with Pace and disables it.  I can't remember what software is affected, but it's a long list, so my advice is to NOT install UVI and use something like z3ta+ or Absynth, or one of the many free VSTi's out there.
  • The other problem with de Ohm version of UVI is that the soundbank ONLY works in Ohm... so your song is ONLY playable in Ohm... such a bad idea.