My loved OhmStudio... are you dying ?

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My loved OhmStudio... are you dying ?
  • I was really blown by OhmStudio when I discovered it ... but now it seems frozen in time with little annoying bugs and no new features ...

    What should we do to make the project re-start?
  • Hi,

    Frozen is a bit more than what it is (there is some activity behind the scene) but it sure is slown down. There's nothing that can be down for now, but at different point in time that may change. We'll be vocal then.

    In the meantime as you can see we're solid at maintaining the service, whether it's uptime or fighting spam (a new plague recently).
  • Thank you for your answer... a little bit of hope ;)
  • Maybe if users who can make videos on YouTube or Facebook groups, more interest may generate more users, in turn some percentage will pay for the Pro service, and it will allow for further development, especially up to 64bit software.

    I have plans to make few more videos and promote it, regardless.
    Hope few more can join in.
  • Damned shame, so much promise here but little annoyances make it hard to stick around. I occasionally redownload in the hope that some things have changed but within a hour I remember why I stay away now :( I hope v2 can come one day and get this thing moving again.

  • unisev said:

    I was really blown by OhmStudio when I discovered it ... but now it seems frozen in time with little annoying bugs and no new features ...

    What should we do to make the project re-start?

  • I was into ohm when it started but I haven't been around since 2013. I really think ohm can be a gooood thing! I think a good start would be to start a facebook page for ohm. Tell all your friends about ohm. Join SoundCloud and get your tunes into the public "ear" If your interested my tunes are here - LETS HAVE SOME FUN PEEPS p.s. I have degenerative disc disease and ohm is one of the ways I can get back my "mojo" please let me help you, AND YOU HELP ME -  I NEED TO GET A FRIKIN LIFE AGAIN MAN!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Now it seems impossible to create an account for new users...
    The website has a defective certificate...

    Does anybody know an alternative sotware to musically collaborate ?
  • Can't login. Is this the end or just ab bug?
  • Any news on the downtime? 
  • We are not able to create a new account with Chrome, but we've done it with IE.
  • Can u login?
  • I can't start ohm studio for some reason, even now (2 hours later) the circling login thingy is just spinning and spinning, no errors, no crashes, nothing in any log files, it's just sitting there spinning and spinning, it worked at 4am this morning, but now?  Nothing.

    Website login is fine, this post proves it.

    I just tried a wrong password entry and it said Authentication failed,,, which does show that the login process does work,sooooo, by entering the right password, it logs in fine, but does not start the actual DAW interface,,, just the continuous rotating circle.

    I even did a complete uninstall using revo uninstaller, and re-installed ohm studio, but that didn't do anything either.
  • Honestly, I WILL GIVE MY AUTHENTICATION if it helped. Ohm studio is the ground level of the music industry, for so long it's scary!. There just isn't enough people that know about the program, or PEEPS WOULD JUST LOVE IT, MAN!. PEEPS THAT CAN'T GET OUT OF THE HOUSE BECAUSE THEY Are PHYSICALLY DISABLED! what an opportunity for us!? I think that WE ARE THE ONE'S WHO HAVE TO ADVERTISE, because, no offense to, but I think there isn't enough advertising to properly tell peeps what can be done here. Peeps that have worked their entire lives only to get it cut down by degenerative disc disease or some other condition where the person is homebound., then find a program where you can jam with REAL gooood Profesional - MUSICIANS????? to whatever time everyone commits too, KeeP On rOCkin' In thE FrEe WorLd!
  • i know 4 people that each tried to make several new accounts each, including me, and no return email. i found forums back several years where many many people had the same exact issue and not 1 person I talked to or researched got a return response.

    im 99% sure the company isnt in existence and only older users can utilize the program.

    such a huge dissapointment

  • Please try it again and let me know if it works thanks
  • im going to try and make a 3rd account to see if it works with a new account, because I still have not received the confirmation email or any response from support... semi patiently awaiting news, so I can collaborate with folks from all around the USA and even the world!