Mac Uninstall

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Mac Uninstall
  • On Mac

    1. Delete these 2 folders
    →    /Users/(your_username)/Library/Caches/com.ohmforce.Ohm_Studio_Beta_Reporter/

    →    /Users/(your_username)/Library/Caches/com.ohmforce.OhmStudio/

    2. Delete this file

    →    /Users/(your_username)/Library/Preferences/com.ohmforce.Studio.plist

    3. Delete the Ohm Studio application

    →    /Applications/

    4. Delete the log files
    →    /Users/(your_username)/Library/Logs/OhmForce
  • I just want to stress, if you are on mac and you decide to delete Ohm, there could be about 10 GB of wav's and other cache here:

    On Yosemite also UVI locations:

    /Library/Application Support/UVISoundBanks
    /Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins/UVIWorkstationAAX.aaxplugin
    /Library/Application Support/UVISoundBanks/UVI Tutorial Set.ufs
    /Users/Shared/Ohm Force/Ohm Studio/main.db