Big Bowie Project. We Need You!

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Big Bowie Project. We Need You!
  • Mr Time and I are starting a big project that needs us to record 14 covers of David Bowie songs
    The final piece will be about an hour long and be presented in the form of an Audio/Radio story
    with a narration linking the songs together with a story line. I will do the narration.
    You could say it is a similar approach to Jeff Waynes War of the Worlds, but with better songs and story line :)
    I will need both male and female vocalist for this and some shit-hot guitar players.
    Here is the list of songs, mainly from Bowies Ziggy Stardust era (early 70's)

    Five Years (Female)

    Space Oddity (Male)

    Life on Mars (Female)

    Man who sold the world (2 male duet)

    Changes (Male)

    Starman (Male/Female duet)

    Moonage Daydream (Male)

    The Jean Genie (either)

    Hang on to Yourself (male)

    Suffragette City (male)

    Lady Stardust (male)

    Star (male)

    Rock and Roll Suicide (male/female duet)

    Ziggy Stardust (male)

    Let me or Mr Time know if you are interested in taking part.
    This will be a long term project. Mr T is working on the music for "Five Years" right now

    Kind Regards

    Cpl Crapper
  • Hey Cpl Crapper. you still looking for a Bowie tracks? We have recorded 'lets dance' if you want a listen?