Installation Issues

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Installation Issues
  • Please do it here. We think that many users experience some installation issues (or plugin scanning issues later) and we don't have enough feedback.

    So please, describe what happens, and mail us this file : 
    (user)~/Library/Logs/OhmForce/OhmStudioInstaller.log.txt (navigate to your home folder, then Library, then Logs, then OhmForce) 
    Please Compress this file and send it to with "Ohm Studio Installer bug report" title. 

    Thank you.
  • Bon, pour ceux qui ont un problème à l'install sous MacOS:

    -Ouvrez le .dmg
    -Copiez le "Ohm Studio Installer" sur votre bureau
    -Lancez un Terminal
    -En ligne de commande:

    sudo <Path ou vous avez copiez l'installer>/Ohm Studio

    -Tapez votre mdp root

    Normalement, l'install se passe bien.

    En espérant que çà puisse en aider d'autres ;o)

  • Hello,

    I am trying to install the latest OhmStudio and the installation is
    hanging when trying to scan the vst plug in "PSP MixSaturator 2".  This
    has happened twice so far.
  • dennydennybreakfast : "I am having trouble installing the software on my computer.  (yes it is a mac)  Is there a section for this type of trouble shooting?"

    Please do it here. We think that many users experience some installation issues (or plugin scanning issues later) and we don't have enough feedback.

    So please, describe what happens, and mail us this file : 
    (user)~/Library/Logs/OhmForce/OhmStudioInstaller.log.txt (navigate to your home folder, then Library, then Logs, then OhmForce) 
    Please Compress this file and send it to with "Ohm Studio Installer bug report" title. 

    Thank you.

  • rwhitney said:

    Hangs on "Scanning Plugins" after launch. 

    MacPro OS X

    First scan of any plugin is long. Once you've pointed to your custom vst folder the next launch will wrap all of them in its own format. If your system is old, it can really take minutes. 
  • Just sent off an installation bug report - Installer hung while attempting to validate LinPlug's FreeAlpha softsynth.
  • Sent an installation bug report off, installer hangs on attempting to open.
  • I'm getting crashes on the install also, but it did finally install. Now the App hangs when validating OhmForce#WrapVST#dsp#4E455855#FAC0577B#Nexus.vst
  • Installer wan't start...I get d3dx9_41.dll missing warning, after I install that file it works.
    Other thing is that I can't log in...I registered on your site but ohmstudio is not recognizing my info.
  • Ditto issue as spacesound; d3dx9_41.dll missing warning. Running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on a dualcore Intel.
  • Just saw on another post that the dx9 issue might cause a need to roll back to an old version of DirectX on Win7; can someone verify if that is the only option?
  • Install of latest DirectX seems to have cleared up the initial instalation issue (link:
  • Hi, 

    Same issue : d3dx9_41.dll missing warning on Wndows Vista 32 bits.
  • Hi,

    for the Windoms version, we're going to suppress the d3dx9 dll requirement, the next update will be fine with a standard DX9 (or later) installation.

    — Laurent
  • Hi,

    we've updated a new version which should fix the problem. 

    We're interested to know if the problem is really fixed!

    Go to and download the updated version. 

    However, this new version crashes when you quit. Be warned! We're working on this.

    Sorry for the trouble!

  • I'm getting an error as well, the setup is crashing before it can even run. Is it because I run a 64-bit system?
  • There is the installation software for mac?
  • djedge805 what is your os?
  • I'm running into problems installing on my Win7 system. Symantec complains about a temp file being a possible Suspicious.MH690 threat.

    Has anyone else seen this?
  • Is there a way to reset ohmstudio to default settings ? It seem to hang when it scans my VST folder, i dont get an indicator at wich .dll it stops but it cant take 30 mins to scan.
    I also had problems to get it run on a restricted user account on Win7 64, had to give the rights manualy, for the installtion folder ( alternative folder is missing to) .
  • L installation et impossible sous xp? plantage intempestif des le lancement de l installation, une solution pour ce problème?
  • Well these vst scan crashes are a real problem, i cant do anything atm, i just ran ohmstudio one time, choosed my vst directory and now its not starting again, I will try to delete all of ohmstudio files in regedit but ill let my VST folder untouched. Can try after that to make a specific VST folder for ohmstudio (where i cant test all VSTs cos of some copyproctection).
  • I haven't been able to get it to work due to the VST scanning on a mac?
  • @burnt_rissole : what happens exactely?

    @whetstone : yes, for now we need the Ohm Studio to crash when scanning the plug-ins. This sends us usefull crash reports. We'll turn on the "plug-in black-listing" when we feel it's safe. In the mean time, the best thing to do is to use a dedicated VST folder.
    There is a new forum post about how to clean un-install the Ohm Studio.

    @N9ne : tu n'es pas le seul avec ce problème et on investigue. Contacte nous par email la semaine prochaine, on aura un installeur spécifique à te filer qui vas nous donner plus d'info pour trouver le problème.

    @ anyone that can't execute the windows installer : contact us via email. We'll provide you next week with a specific installer that will help us to solve the problem. Instructions will ensue in the reply email.

    Thanks and sorry for the trouble!
  • hi, impossible install the app with windows vista (app.exe stop to run)
  • Hi robertoandthemoods, do you have a specific error message? When does it stop to run, what do you see just before it stops?

    — Laurent
  • I just registered for the Ohm Studio beta.  I downloaded the installer and when I try to run the installer I get this message:

    Ohm_studio_installer.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    I'm a holdout running Windows XP Pro here on a Dell Optiplex 330.  Are there adjustments I need to make to get the installer to behave?
  • infrared72, you need the latest DirectX 9 installed, but that may not be the cause of the problem.

    Check if this foder exist:
    C:Documents and Settings(your username)Application DataOhm ForceOhm Studiologs
    If so, put its content into a zip archive and send it to us.

    — Laurent
  • Just as a note:

    if Ohmstudio keeps crashing while scanning your vst folder , you can just rename it so it cant be find, and change the location inside Ohmstudio for a test folder.
  • Hi Mykdomar,

    Are you on mac or windows?
  • Hi,
    I'm usiing windows 7.
    I dowloaded the last update after i cliked "open" on my new session. The download went fine.
    I launched the update. The progess bar went all the way but ended with this message : 
    "There was an error during installation, please send feedback".

    I tried again with the same result.
  • Hi Colonel Hathi.

    Can you please find the log file for the Ohm Studio installer and send it by mail to:
    contact [at]

    On Windows 7, the log file is called "log-installer.txt".
    It should be in:
    Usersyour_usernameAppDataRoamingOhm ForceOhm Studiologs

    Thank you.
  • Weird, eversince the last update (rev. 66445) I haven't been able to get into OhmStudio. During the VST scan I get theis error and can't go any further (I tried a couple of times, every time on a different VST being scanned, so I don't think it's the actual VSTs that's the problem):

  • GeorgeZ:

    libiomp5md.dll is an OpenMP file, and we don't use this library in Ohm Studio. Looking at the message box title, it seems to come from Themida which is a
    software protection (no, you're not allowed to bad-mouth the software protections, they work hard days and nights for your own good and you should be immensely grateful). We don't use it neither, so I think it belongs to one of your plug-in or other software. It is probably activated during the scan for some reason. Maybe you cleaned up these useless files cluttering up your VST folder, or moved some plug-ins to another location, and one of them got separated from the aforementioned libiomp5md.dll file?

    Try to find which plug-in(s) of your setup use Themida, and reinstall them as kindly dictated by the message box.

    — Laurent
  • No worries mate, I'll have a look... not sure which plug in it would be though. This doesn't get triggered by any other DAWs though (Reaper, Sonar X1 or FL Studio), so I'm a bit lost. Also, I haven't cleaned up or moved any plug-ins since the last update, so that won't be it.
  • This I may have found the problem. It's RP Predator that the scan stops on every time. That is the only VST I updated between Nov and Dec, so I wouldn't be surprised. I'll email Rob to see what the go is. Just so we're clear, I just tested Predator in Reaper (x64), Sonar X1(x64) or FL Studio (x32), and it worked just fine. It's version 1.6.2 (x32 multi-core version).
  • Can you force a rescan form Reaper or FL, please? 
    I'm interested in the result.  

  • Yup, I actually did that when I did my tests prior to doing that previous post. No problems what-so-ever... I then used it in mock projects in both, saved, reopened, no issues. I've just received an email from Rob Papen, and he's referred me to their lead programmer, Jon. I've sent him an email and will report back when we have something useful ;)

    EDIT: Jon's written back and said it's actually something to do with Intel's multi-core library. They have 2x2 versions of Predator. x32 and x64 single core and x32 and x64 multi-core. As I'm on an i7 2600 I've installed the x32 multi-core version (even though my OS is Win 7 x64 Ulti. I feel it's unnecessary to have a x64 version for a synthesis engine, as it doesn't take any advantage of the bigger memory capacity x64 allows, so I've stayed with the x32 version with Predator). He's suggested that I reinstall Predator (which also installs the Multi-Core lib) and see if that helps. Then, if that doesn't he said to install the single core version to see if that solves it. Now, I'll do all that for testing purposes, but for actual use, naturally I'd have the multi-core version installed... so, if the single core version solves it, I'm not sure where that leave me... ? Anyway, I'll report back once tested (won't be today still).
  • Yep, nothing happenig when i double click on the . i work on osx 10.4.11.

    I tryed this :
    sudo <Path ou vous avez copiez l'installer>/Ohm Studio

    But this path worked one time and i cant anter my password, no type entered in the path on the terminal.

    sorry for my english !!
  • Hi Alvax,

    the Ohm Studio only supports 10.5 or newer. Which explains why the installer does not work.

  • ok right

  • Hi there. THe latest Installer as of this morning 26th of may wont install for me . I get an error "somthing went wrong during installation process" (nothing more).
    I've tried 2 times, same thing.
    The one you had added yesterday seemed to work fine though...

  • I missed one?! Oh noes...

    69255 installed okay here on Win7-x64.

    Hum.  But MIDI In seems dead.  Intermittent, then.
  • Hi remex.

    Can you please launch the beta reporter application (if it is still working) and send report describing your problem.
    Otherwise you can also send a mail to contact at ohmforce dot com and attach the log files.

    You can also try to uninstall Ohm Studio before you re-install the new version (but don't remove the folder containing your samples).
    Maybe that 'll do

  • sent the message with bug reporter. the log doesn't seem to have any info from today though... (but it's included any way).

  • ok. i've just tried again and this time it worked!?
    did you make a new installer while I was away?
  • Rejoice brothers and sisters... first revision I've been able to actually run and NOT get an error when RP Predator is being scanned (which would just lock up the launch and crash)! Now, where was I... 5 months ago I was busy testing.... **wonders off muttering to self trying to remember**. Can't wait to get stuck in again! :D
  • Must say I'm liking this one visually a lot - I just wish I didn't get crackles so much; I'd love to get on and use it!
  • installed on win7 but when starting ohmstudio it hangs on scanning Plug-ins...
  • (a) It can take a long time
    (b) If it's really dead, go to task manager and kill it properly (two processes), then uses the beta reporting tool to send the logs; then try starting again.
    (c) If it still hangs, try clearing the caches - see details here:
    (d) If it still hangs... uh, it usually recovers by this point... but send the logs again, I guess.