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Features Request
  • dsaarodh said:

    -Audio (wav and rex compatible) and midi loop browser with preview in tempo of the current song and option for half or double tempo preview.

    I must really second this! At the moment I think Ohm have great potential, but I'm afraid I can't be persuaded to leave my current DAW (Reaper) before an audio browser with prevew capability is implemented...

    You can use Ohmpler to do all that. 
  • grooveman said:

    mmmm, all modern os'es offer preview panels for audio / pictures at least, when browsing for files, so is it really needed nowadays to add custom code for that ?

    I would argue that is IS needed. One must not underestimate the efficiency of staying within the DAW, and with an effective browser you can quickly sift through loads of sounds that fits your mix. I urge you to take a look at the Reaper browser, if you give it a chance I'm almost certain you will understand the effectiveness and power with having a built in browser.

    Oh, and a side note, I'm using Win7 Ultimate, and I don't have audio preview. Is there a setting for this?
  • I would really like a "TEXT" track which could be used for comments and or lyrics. The Sticky is OK but a little imprecise.

    I think that this would be really useful for colabrative work. For example when trying to add a vocal track I would like to work out the sequence of the song. Like verses, chorus etc. I saw someone put titles on segments of a drum track to show this kind of sequence.


    Cpl Crapper

  • You can create empty clips and change their title. Some users do that for lyrics indeed, or keys.
  • Thanks Red,
    I tried that out. It's OK for short words, but no good for lyrics. I really would like a text track. pleeeease!
  • My suggestion relates to more precise control of contributors to a public project.
    It would be better if browsing users, who make no changes or additions to a project, are not automatically made into contributors.
    There is also another issue of users either accidently or purposely changing a project without actually contributing anything.
    I believe that the changes I propose would not be very difficult to implement. You already store the names of contributors for each rack/track. So here are my suggestions.

    1) Do not automatically make a user become a contributor when they just open and close a project unless they create a rack. This of course means that it will not be added to their project list.

    2) Only allow contributors the ability to create a new rack and only allow them to record/modify the racks they have created.

    An admin user will still have total control over everything. If a contributor wants more control they would have to request admin rights from one of the existing admins.

    I hope my suggestions will be of interest.
  • You guys should sort out login with facebook, google+ and twitter. The benefits both way are there to see.

    Also the ghost midi notes, this never used to happen but sometimes moving midi notes and they do not play in their new position and still play in their old position.

    Also it is getting near winter and I'm cold with no hair, and am not going camping in this weather. :P
  • One other thing, when people first hit http://ohmstudio.com could the video auto play please.
  • When people join ohm there should be a question, where did you hear about ohm, then a list box of answers.
    This will help put more eggs into one basket.

  • Here's a copy paste of an interesting development of cpl_crapper initial suggestion (restrict public projects to contribs)

    Grooveman (19:02)
    hey cpl_crapper, i think your suggestion is valid but should be a bit more developed: I would add that contributors can mute other tracks but not alter the inside content (i am talking more precisely about the track inside the rack mute button as opposed to the rack mute (only local) or the part mute (would alter track content which should not happen) )

    The underlying idea and use case being: say im a drummer and i created awesome drums , before on that projects there was an existing tst drums loop, then i mute it add my drum track and just let the admins decide if they like my track better than the sample or mute me and unmute the previous track. That way, it permits contributors to get a chance to show what's improved without messing around, at least not significantly....
    Irockus (19:12)
    your comments and cpl's are with respect to public projects I assume ?

    Grooveman (19:13)
    i would say all projects but it could be configurable to apply it only to public ones

    Irockus (19:14)
    I am thinking this does not happen to private invite/apply projects too much

    Grooveman (19:15)
    think about the case aguy you invited re-mixes and you dont like the new screwed mix, even if the project was private you would be annoyed wouldn't you ?

    Irockus (19:16)
    yes - I have two alternatives that might heko
    one is to autosnap on exit of project - with name of person, date/time stamp
    they auto snap every 15 minutes anyway so it should not put a burden on the system and should not involve much new code
    second is to better promote usage of private projects by having a private project tab
    even though project is private, is is not necessarily hidden
    would be nice to see private projects within the main interface

    Grooveman (19:19)
    that could be added too i agree, it would help but wouldnt prevent damage only would help understand who did it
    On the other hand, if you had a new flag like restrict contribs, then just like other current flags you would check it or uncheck it if you are admin and then would get best of both ideas

  • I think newbies also suffer from lack of knowledge of ohmstudio  projects automatic/instant saving mechanism.  If you are used to other daws, you have to explicitly save your work/session.  I think some newbies come in make some changes, exit and do not think their changes were saved.  As for the malicious ones who set out to screw with and damage projects, well, that  is a vulnerability of public projects/public tracks.

    By adding an auto-snap on exit/close of a project, it is the equivalent of getting a "File, Save as ..." function  (which would be the snap).   So when you exit a project and are happy, you get an auto-snap you can return to.

    Another thought based on the above - how about an auto-snap when a person first joins a project ?
    this way one could restore to the point before someone new joined - as I believe this to be the most common case of the problem.    

    cpl_crapper - what if a contributor is someone who does editing/mixing/mastering, but is not contributing a track ?

    I switch between Reaper and ohmstudio often ...and  sometimes...  I forget that all my changes are being saved on ohmstudio (meaning sometimes I screw up my own projects/tracks/mixes and cannot restore to precisely where I wanted to).   I am trying to institute a discipline of snapping when I enter and snapping when I exit to give me back the ability to start a session and then effectively abort all changes if I dont want to "save".

    This would increase overall snaps on the system, but then auto-snaps could be brought down to every 30 minutes maybe to even out the volume.
  • forgot to mention:

    The auto-snaps should have a naming convention like:

    Username - Join - date/time
    Username - Start Session - date/time
    Username - End Session - date/time

  • I'm glad you guys basically agree with me. I suggested what I thought may be quick and simple to implement for Version 2. A more developed approach would be better. Yes let a new contrib mute stuff but basically don't let them modify content they don't own.

    irockus. I'm not sure what you mean by auto-snap. You get one every time you leave a project although it would be good to know who was the last user out. So you could maybe look for snaps with your own name to be sure you are recovering a good one. It shouldn't take too much coding from the "Force" to add a user name to the snap details.

    Does anyone from Ohm agree with us?


  • Just an idea: and what about a third and fourth modes of privacy: 

    - restricted (only invited), 
    - private (open to all contacts of the admins), 
    - public (full open but limited on muting) and 
    - free (totally open)

    The new private mode would value social networks ("trusting" people) and the distinction between "public" and "free" make difference between project for fun, all the beginner could enter and play with, and public "serious" projects.

    EDIT: or instead of private mode restricted to the ohm contacts, a nice idea would be to be able to create different "band": if you create a project, you can create it in a "band", that is to say a certain circle of people. All people  were automatically sent an invitation...

  • A group send function would be great where you can create and maintain your own  groups.

    So would ability to sort your projects, create folders for them maybe, etc. -  we will see this
    with V2 offline mode 

    I really think that the problems happen so much less with private projects where you had to invite or someone they had to apply and the admin had to approve that I think promotion of private project usage is probably most important.  From what I understand from Red, usage of public projects is not the most common use case of ohmstudio, more usage is done on private projects, all the more reason that I think private projects tab would be very useful.

    A tab could be added display Private projects and a column or two to sort by would be nice, lots of room screen real estate) for that.   

    I think V1 is pretty much functionally stable  (meaning no new features), so I guess this is all academic discussion until we see what V2 looks like.   

    Offline mode will change the dynamic here quite a bit - wondering how transparent it will be to "sync" between offline and online, wondering about workflow for contributors and admins - will you  get a notification of a new track or change to the online version and offered ability to sync it with your offline version, or make a new copy,   what about merging changes ?   Will only projects you create be "offline" for you -  or only ones you are admin for  - or all projects which you are a contributor for  - or selectable altogether ?  With offline mode is there a concept of not being cloneable any more ?      Will there be new roles offered beyond admin and contributor ? and .... ?  gonna get interesting for sure :)

    One thing is for certain, it will be more complex to use than it is now, which I am sure is not going to go over well with the gaming population which thinks its too tough now  (I still wonder about the whole STEAM development decision).

    Maybe we can get an update before end of year on V2 status or possible V1 updates/patch release until V2 arrives.
  • The ability to save and import channel strip settings from one project to another so that i don't have to remix my drum kit every project.


    I am about to use this in education projects so more info and advice on esafety and security  issues as this will be the barrier to it's use in schools. If i can pacify the schools IT admin with some prepared literature or pdf then we will be using this in more settings.
  • Hello,

    I'm new to Ohm, I have been experimenting with it for two weeks or so. I find it great, but I think some features are missing (my apologies if I say something that was already discussed).
    Yesterday I was working on a track with a friend and a recorded sample was accidentely deleted. To get it back I had to restore a previous snapshot, but meanwhile we had recorded some new sounds, so it was a mess to get it back to the correct state.
    So my thoughts are :

    - There should be a "lock" feature on a track, so no modification is allowed on this track
    - A message should be displayed if someone attempts to modify, delete or move a sound or a track that was made by another contributor, to ask confirmation (or maybe only the admin should be able to modify the track)
    - There should be some kind of a "junk" folder where all files deleted since the creation of the project are stored, to restore one easily. Or maybe store only the last 10 deleted files, or something like that...
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Lots to read here ! In short

    - we don't want to add locks (as explained a few other time). For the one time a lock is helfpul there are 10 it creates an issue. Early beta user may remember how fun it was when someone had locked a track through a collab freeze then left the boat and everyone was stuck because it was impossible to just duplicate a chorus or something. 

    - so we'd rather focus on tools to deal with the occasional issue. Snapshots are those but they do have the cons indicated above. We'd rather improve that (making it more obvious to new users, allowing for transfer of project's parts more easily). Those are not simple things to do though.

    - there's already an auto snapshot when the last user leaves a project and it gets empty. We're considering making it simply when someone leave a project but this may create lag/deco for people still in occasionally. Hence the choice to leave that need handled on a per case basis by users.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • well thought out, I'm confident any problems i would notice have already been hashed and rehashed. what would really help is check box's next to peoples suggestions for improvement, that way ohm would actually have useful information about what ohm users want and need. The problem of people posting on soundcloud and other places would seem to me to be a detrimental problem, since ohm users are only using ohm to write music then post on the competitors site instead of ohms site
  • Ohm studio is almost perfect. A great feature I'm waiting from a long time is a second pair of stereo output (3-4) in order to insert loop of external (analog) FX. It can allow to do re-amping: recording a dry instrument and pass it through a real amp in post prod: we could re-amp all the crap amps simulated with a plugin. 
    In respect with guitar, amplifier and home studio, I 've discovered a very cool (french!) company wich is complementary with ohmstudio:Two-Notes engineering. A simple collaboration could be to provide in stock their free (working demo) version of simulation of cab (Wall Of Sound). I am using it, and it's amazing. At first their plugin didn't work, but now it's ok (maybe I had problem with another plugin). With a simple pedal preamp direct in the computer and WOS as cab simulator: you have a really cool semi-analog rig!

    ** second output pair means a second mix which could be usefull to work in collab: say one is working in a flat mix (out1-2), while another is working on a different mix to help him recording his part (out3-4). This output could have different rules: 
    - only slide level, mute, solo and pan for each track. 
    - reset at each shutdown of the project, but copying feature (when my alt mix is cool, I can copy it to the main mix)
    It could be presented as "alternative listening room"
  • I insist: a second pair of stereo output (3-4) would make ohmstudio a really usable professional DAW!

    The ability to have routing busses, that is to say at least 2 monitoring is absolutely necessary and there is no workaround. No need to have a full second mixer: just the sliders for tracks and a master volume is sufficient.

  • So to get you right: the ability to have the output on 1&2 duplicated to other output would be perfect for you ?
  • Most new updated DAW's now refrain implementing busses routing overcomplicated features mostly because of the well know problem of 'too wet' group when lowering a bus volume as the fx auxes still get the same amount of input (i.e. reverb now sounds louder than dry signal of course this can be avoided by adding even more complexity to your sub-groups now adding a new level of indirection in the wet signal path but musicians like simple yet powerful tools ...).

    Instead, they now opt for controlling inputs instead of outputs in the signal path just like the professional do with the use of VCAs (google for new Logic 10.1 features about VCA's for more references).

    By controlling the amount of input of each _input_ of each channel ; it now affects smoothly both the dry signal chain and the wet with only one VCA group controlling several input channels...

    Now, the use of the term 'Really Useable DAW' is clearly unfair. Listen to the OhmRadio and tell me how you think almost half a thousand songs were done with that not-really-useable DAW ?

    As with many other materials, don't fool yourself ; the DAW does not do everything ; but _you_ do.
    You are the most valuable component of an Audio production, not the tool ;-)
  • Red_force: idealy, it should be different mixers (a series of volume knobs for each rack), but indeed duplicated output is adequate!

    I don't fully understand what you wrote Grooveman if this is related to my request. Because there is absolutely nothing to do with wet/dry, VCA, etc... In fact, reading the end of your message, I think you did not understand at all..

  • So you mention about routing busses, I was then challenging these by trying to explain that routing affects output and would not be as powerful in most cases as input grouping , so that's for routing.
    And then I challenged the previous message where you mention really useable daw and that's your message again unless you are not Alexone ...

    Aaa a.
  • I was speaking about output, that is to say external routing (hardware) and I wrote "usable professional DAW":

    When recording alone at home, with plugins, you need only a single stereo output. 

    When you're in a control room of a studio, you need two different stereo outputs at least. When you record several people at once, you may need several stereo outputs. When you do reamping, you need two stereo output. When you use external hardware, you need two stereo outputs. It's a common feature: every DAW  have multiple stereo outputs except Ohmstudio!

    And please, do not come here to give lessons by distorting wrttten words. I require something that is essential for many people who use some hardware. I judged nobody!!! I was not talking about the quality of projects or musicians, or whatever..!!??

  • Red_force:
    duplicated output won't works: the second stereo output should at least mute tracks separatly.
  • > was speaking about output, that is to say external routing (hardware) and I wrote "usable professional DAW":
    And that's exactly why i try to explain there are other ways to achieve in most cases the same goal, but better.
    Now, about the 'really usable professional DAW' statement, I am not sure what you mean as many of us already sold music on iTunes and many other professional distribution stores thanks to ohmstudio...

    >When recording alone at home, with plugins, you need only a single stereo output. 
    Physical output you meant, but we can still get good uses of sub-mixes routing, preferably input VCA grouping than the old routing output bus way.

    >When you're in a control room of a studio, you need two different stereo outputs at least. When you record several 
    Only if your remix with a console the separate tracks, otherwise this sounds to me  like to me as a fairly speculative assumption as one does need again more than one output to be able to isolate sub-groups of your mix.
    Now, if you need extra processing on a physical console ; then maybe ; but then the good question to ask yourself is why would you do that ?
    >When you do reamping, you need two stereo output. 
    Again a fairly innacurate assumption, when you do reamping ; what you need is more INPUTS (dry+non dry channel) which is probably how you should reamp only what you want to be reamped by a plugin , instead of trying (as i can guess from your feedback)  to reloop the non processed signal again into your hardware audio chain, this looks so convoluted to me ; as opposed to a much simpler approach. Not to mention the signal quality loss you add by adding an extra analog to digital conversion step (if it goes out to your hardware it must come back to the DAW) when you could have recorded directly your hardware signal and your dry signal (as I do every time i need reamping btw).
    >When you use external hardware, youneed two stereo outputs. It's a common feature: every DAW  have multiple stereo outputs except Ohmstudio!
     And I would challenge that, we are in 2015 ; welcome to the digital era, if you are using film productions chains ; then yes you may  need multiple outputs (i.e. 5,1 dts) within your mix to achieve but are you doing film productions ?
    Even in the case you would accept the extra burden of re-processing your inputs eventually again with hardware, my audio interface can do it by hardware anytime as it is so simple to send the solo'ed input dry signal to another output loop of my audio hardware (as opposed to the DAW) and re-record it.

  • -------------------------------
    Multiple Outs +1  
    - when live recording multiple people simultaneously, I use multiple outs to provide headphone mixes as desired to various players - also desireable to have multiple outs to direct individual  instrument outputs to  desired PA amps/cabs, etc.

    Midi Send/Receive between Racks is needed.

    Midi In - All interfaces, All Channels needed.

    I use B4 VST - Hammnd B3 organ - which has an upper tier, lower tier, and foot pedals - each which of which can be addressed on its own midi channel.  I have multiple keyboards and a midi foot pedal board and would like to utilize/configure so I can load the VST once on a rack and create separate tracks within the rack for each part.
    I do this easily in other DAW's (see Reaper for example) .   I set the Xmit channel separately on each of my  keyboards/midi controllers  (3) and configure B4  so upper receives on Midi channel 1, lower on channel 2, and pedal on channel 3

    So the rack in Ohmstudio needs to be able to listen/receive/record  from ALL Midi interfaces and All Channels

    Recording Rack Output Needed
    Need to have ability to record not only Midi Input but record VST output, Midi or Wave, Stereo or Mono.

    Make a Private Projects Tab on the Main Screen
    I would like the ability to search/peruse/listen to  private projects as easily as public and apply for membership. accordingly

    Local Mixes
    When recording in ohmstudio and doind a live collaboration, I may want to hear a rack louder/softer/mute - eg - my desired mix -  when I record my part, but this impacts others who are in the project at the same time trying to do the same thing.   A feature (check box or button maybe) to make the mixer a local mix - not impacting others.   Ability to savfe local mixes would be a bonus !!
  • In Priority for me would be:
    * better plugin timing compensation: probably few bugs to fix there, sometimes we can hear cuts between two parts that are supposed to be smoothly chained and it is intermittent both during realtime play and also at bounce to track time.

    * Input Volume(/Balance) Bus group Grouping (VCA Group like), select few tracks in the mixer right click on them and delete them from or assign them to either an existing or a new VCA group -> new group appears, can now have powerful submixes in your mix (soloing it would automatically solos all the grouped tracks, resp. mute)

    * Realtime recording automation of standard midi cc's for starting. ATM i can record any plugin or volume tracks parameters by using the interface or at best a plugin local re-assign of my midi cc controls to it, but it would be nice to have our midi faders and pots recognized and recorded.

    *low latency recording mode -> disable any plug for which processing time is beyond a realtime timing threshold, re-enable all when the function is deactivated. would very useful whenever recording live and a massive post-processing plugin (like ozone or similar) is active on the master or any other track...

  • Alexone: "duplicated output won't works: the second stereo output should at least mute tracks separatly."

    Do you mean it should mute itself separately or that has its own set of tracks soloed / muted ? Because the second one would be very difficult to reach.

    About multiple out, as long as they're all the same my understanding is that you get one (1) output to console and then have that audio send to as many bus/headphone that you want (and controle each level / mute from the hardware rather than the soft). I am sure we can have audio replicated to other outputs but as they have to be routed to the console / headphones anyway it seems to be of little use. Or do I get it wrong ?

    - midi: don't forget that while you setup midi input per *track*, your instrument is in a *rack* and hence can receive as many tracks as you want. AFAIU this guarantee you can do the setup you need. Also I can't check now but I think you can have all input, all channel active on one single track anyway.
    - to record a midi output current suggestion is on PC to use LoopBe to handle midi routing. Mac user have it directly with MacOS. To record vst simply activate record on one of the plugin track. To record a track simply bounce it (or use export it you want it bounced outside of ohm). Unless I don't get your need ?
    - we've improving the search engine on the www. Hopefully we may include that level of filter.
    - local mix has been requested several time but it's not easy/fast to do.

    - can you provide an exemple next time it happens ? I am not sure to see what you're speaking off.
    - input grouping: clearly needed
    - midi input for mixer - another classic request
    - interesting idea on the lowlatency mode. I don't know how if we can get the info from a plugin that it's a latency inducer, I'll have to ask the devs.
  • gm: explain me how can I achieve "the same goal, but better", that is to say output (1-2) with main mix / output (3-4) with another mix???

    I think I explained what I meant by "professional need": control room / reamping / 5: 1 mix / recording more than one person at the same time, using analog preamp, compressor, etc.. to warm the sound = more than one stereo mix! I will not enter into discussions on ways of professionals working in the recording studios in 2015. I know them very well.
    All the studios I know do exactly these things that I describe. you take your situation for a generality. But accepts that other people (and they are very numerous, trust me) do not work like you.

    Anyway, I am neither judging your musical productions nor 
    your request for features. I have the impression that you look for trouble with me. If you are angry for one reason or another, tell me frankly in a personal message, but not on this thread where we talk about our needs. Thank you!

    Red_force: yes, the other day my first answer was wrong. The need is to carry out independently several (at least 2) set of tracks soloed / muted

  • alexone: You are definitely funny, but I feel this is a becoming a sterile discussion.
    And no, I am not getting angry, just rational and challenging on you when you start a thread with unfair critiscism about the ohmstudio software, more precisely  when you wrote  'really usable professional DAW'.
    Now, I won't spend more time trying to explain again what you obviously did not get, sorry. 
    Back to music ...

  • Sorry grooveman, it's not what I wanted to say, I still explain this more than one time. 

    I wonder if your goal is to discredit me?

    My English is bad, I do not master completely the precise meaning of words. If you think I was criticizing the quality of projects, I repeat: It is a misinterpretation of my words

    One more time:  I was speaking about tools for specific method not about project quality!!! it was not even a criticism about the ohmstudio software, only a requirement about a feature that is absolutely necessary when working in some way.This way is a professional way: control room / recording room. There are other professional way, there is good music that is not professional, etc... I was not speaking about that!

    AND PLEASE, don't reverse the roles: this is my request, so try to understand what I want to request, rather than trying to make me say what I did not want to say. I only ask you to respect my request. You do not belong to the ohmstudio development team, so go back to music, make requests, find solutions to those encountered issues, but stops spread shit on me!!

    Thank you!

    edit (10.37):
    instead of "really usable professional DAW"
    I should write:
    "fully usable professional DAW"
  • To the ohmstudio developpment team:

    I come back one last time on my multi outputs request. I believe you if you say that this is something heavy to implement. It may be specific feature for specific working method, method that is found mainly in professional studio (hence my reference to the expression of "professional" : using control room, recording several people at the same time, using hardware) However: this is commonly used. And as I said earlier, there is absolutely no workaround if we want to apply these methods.

    But I think this feature could be too useful for "simple" real time collaboration :

    It would also be a great advantage to have a main mix and an alternative mix: When recording, we like to hear a different balance of the tracks (more of this, less of that). So this would be an "alternative mix" that not disturb the "main mix".
    If this solution is implemented, you could eventualy attibute to the "alternative mix" different properties than the "main mix": local, does not remain in memory, etc.. the ability to copy-paste the "alternative mix" (local) to the "main mix" could be a useful supplementary feature  and I think easy to implement (if the alternative mixer is already implemented).

    (see irockus request: Local Mixes: my request is a  local mixer that is assignable to alternative outputs)

    In my opinion, this feature greatly enhance the real-time collaboration. The "alternative mix" could be called "recording room", as the "main mix" could be callled ​​the "control room".

    I'm not a midi or plugin boy, so any improvements on that side don't concern me. I record as much as possible "wav" tracks. And working tool of this kind would be a great improvement for me, in my point of view, with the methods I'm using.

  • Thanks Red. I will try it for B4

    we need all the features :)

    I do utilize methods as Alexone describes and would love to see multiple outs, multiple mixes, and I would like to utliize VCA input grouping as well for better control of mixdowns where it makes sense to group channels per Grooveman comments.   I like you guys a whole lot !!!    You both are enthusiastic ohmstudio users, extremely talented and both want more features, etc.

    Grooveman, his music, his humor, his knowledge/postings/suggestions, and his generous ohmstudio collaborations.
    Alexone his music, his humor, his knowledge/postings/suggestions, and his generous ohmstudio collaborations.
    Red for Ohmstudio  (and others ofcourse), knowledge, music, assistance, great cartoons/animations, and not  kicking me out of ohmstudio altogether for my outspoken times of frustration with tech issues/features.

    I think we should have a round of beers together, I'll buy first roiund :)
  • @Red: ok will do echo next time we have bounce or realtime (less important) cuts.
    @iRockus: I agree but we need to be careful as well to try as much as possible to prioritize the features we want first I think.
    Many of us  hope we can meet around a beer (or two) one day, not sure when though ; it could be interesting to synchronize with an important event like ohmstudio users concert imagine a 48hrs non stop event for the week end in central park where a hundred ohm users play/ jam together and exchange ideas together in person (oh really that was done a long time ago and was called Woodstock, huh ?!) ....
    Hypothetically still possible, financing such an  event and the travel distance probably being the most challenging aspects :)

    @alexone: apologies accepted, no hard feelings. That said this is a public discussion forum, so if you want no comments/criticism on what you write but only those from the ohmforce team, that's fine ; but then i would advise you to follow-up with PM's instead.

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Again, unfunded accusations MrTime (AndyMc) and not missing an opportunity to insult me or the french community.
    You should be definitely banned this time. 

  • I do not agree with absolutely everything MrTime say, but I found some true assertions.

    Grooveman, when you say that I am unfair with ohmstudio users, you forget that I use ohmstudio longer than you. With this charge, you put me outside ohmstudio users. You do not respect my opinion, you do not respect me as a an user of ohmstudio, you do not respect me as a musician with specific needs, you do not respect this thread about users requests. I have already told this to you, more than one time, but I haven't read any apology from you...

    Last betrayal of my words: you can comment on my comments, but if you distorted them, this is dishonesty, I do not accept it! your irony about the fact that I should use PM is dishonnest, excluding, again...

    It's like you were the CEO of ohmstudio: you speak in the name of people, you decide what is important for ohmstudio, who should be banished. I just want to note that
    banishement of users have often occurred when you were in the surroundings. I collaborate many times with the "famous" AndyMc, without any problem. Sincerly, I think you should ask you some questions about your own attitude. And what is your role in ohmstudio? Super-User?

    Last thing: I did not like the "political" activity on the chat yesterday, in Facebook, in Ohmstudio ... I'm not stupid, I found it "providential"... The word of MrTime "grouping a few to ostracize a person" resonates in my mind ... There is enough room in ohmstudio not need of pack wolf. Keep the problems you personally have in bilateral deal. You do not have to do public justice, call to banishment, etc..

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  • This forum was for feature requests, right ?   :)
  • irockus said:

    This forum was for feature requests, right ?   :)

    Yes, you're right. Sorry for having introduced again a coin in the machine
    For me, the case is closed. 
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  • Would it be possible to ...

    1.  Obtain some sort of update/communication about the status of ohmstudio V1  acknowledged bugs/issues and whether or not they are being worked on ?    A general list of current issues, priority assigned, and anticipated resolutions ?

    2.  Version 2 status update ?  a confirmed list of features in version 2

  • In another audio recording program I've used< I was able to create tracks of labels (tracks for users to create text comments). Does OhmStudio have a similar feature?
  • Hello Ohm Force!

    I'm so sorry, as it's a "an other soft do stuff in a way I'm more familliar with so your DAW should do things the same way or better" kind of post, and I always found those post to suck... 


    I did a little MIDI composing two nights ago, and I have a few remarks about the MIDI editor:

    -When you draw a note using the pencil tool, you can't move it around. I might be too used to FL's piano roll, but it really bugs me. I can't easily find the right note or the right drum sound on the fly, I have either to click on the piano roll to find my note, remember it and place it 8 bar later, which I often do wrongly, or draw the note in a semi-random position and adjust it later, and it slow my flow of unprecedent creativity (^^). 

    -When you move a group of note, you play all the note in the same time for each displacement. Except for single notes or chords, I don't really see the point. It can sound really bad, and not helping at all for height adjustment, and it is ultra CPU consuming!

    I know that editing Midi in Ohm is "select your note and start time on clik on" and the "select time off on click off", which is rather different on FL ("Lenght on the note is already defined (default, or last note length), place it on clik on, move it while dragging, drop it on click off" plus resize in different ways), and I understand getting  the behaviour I'd like without breaking the actual one (and therefore pissing off every other Ohm Studio user used to that) is not granted AT ALL, but I'd rather ask!

    Good luck with offline and all the other stuff you're working on (and maybe think about this post!) :D