WAV files taking about 2 hours to import

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WAV files taking about 2 hours to import
  • For some reason, I can't import WAV files anymore, just one WAV file of about 23MB takes about 2 hours to import, it used to only take about 2-3 minutes, I can't use Flac, that takes even longer, I can't use MP3, as I'm not using a Mac, I'm stuck with WAV files.

    I checked my internet speed, and even a test to New Zealand from Arizona, has a download of 24Mb/s (advertised speed = 30Mb/s) and an upload speed of 5Mb/s (advertised upload = 12Mb/s), which means the problem lays with the Ohm Studio servers, which for some reason, lately, have slowed way down.
  • Hi MrTibbs,

    There has been some issues at that time fixed since. If you still have some maker sure it's not an antivirus. The server meter are as fast as ever here.