Male vocalist needed to collaborate on a dreamwave / glo fi song

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Male vocalist needed to collaborate on a dreamwave / glo fi song
  • I'm currently looking for a singer who can sing falsetto or high pitch and who might be interested in singing in a collaborative online project.

    I have a song here on Ohm which is currently under production but can be classified as left-field electronica, dreamwave / glo fi etc. The project is private at this stage but I'll send invites to interested parties.

    An early demo of the song is here:

    The title suggest a city focused lyrical theme, but that's just an early idea now. The vocalist could develop their own lyrics and melody line and we could amend various sections to suit the vocal. Alternatively if you prefer you could develop just a melody line for the vocal first and then we can work on the lyrics together.

    An example of a vocal sound that I'm looking for can be heard here:

    Of course I understand that no two singers are the same, but it's useful to have a reference point while discussing the project.

    Apart from producing music I'm working on my PhD on online collaborative music making, so I could also describe your contribution in my exegesis.

    If anyone is interested, drop me a line via my profile on Ohm here:



  • I would love to check it out, but I am by no means a professional vocalist.

  • Thanks very much for your interest. The position has been now filled and we've recorded the vocals.

    But let's stay in touch for future projects. Feel free to paste here your Ohm profile URL or add me via: