Music Stuff for Collaboration

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Music Stuff for Collaboration
  • A Little Basic Music Stuff For Collaboration

    These are the things one would need to know to easily play on a song.

    1. Tempo or how many beats per minute. There is a metronome in ohm to help you stay in time.

    2. Time signatures define the amount and type of notes that each measure contains.   4/4 is most common and is sometimes referred to as “common time”
    4/4 divides the measure in to four parts called quarter notes

    3. Key Signature In western music, it is common that a piece of music, or a melody, is predominantly based on a particular major or minor scale. When this is the case, the tonic or first note of the scale, is often referred to as simply the key.

    4. Chord Progression…what are the chords being played.

    If you put this information in a Sticky note in ohm it will make things much easier for others to deal with.

    For sure many of us can figure all this out just by listening. But why make you friends work harder than need be?