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Ohmstudio Version 2
  • Can you share any information such as:

    1.  Updates on release date  (still this year ?)
    2.  Is there already a Beta for version 2 ?  If not, will there be ?
    3.  List of bugs fixed in version 2,
    4.  List of features to be provided in version 2
    5.  Any documentation for version 2 available for preview ?

  • 1. Most likely not. Some "under the scene" activities are increasing the delay (hopefully for the greater good, but it's too early to tell). That being said an intermediate update might happen before.

    2. Not ATM but that may happen.

    3. This would be difficult and pretty specific as there is no "major bug" known ATM. Most of them most user don't know off although the one for recording with multiple input and loosing rack setup is one of the few that some should notice. What's in this forum is also handled (and typically solved) provided it's documented well enough. 
    4. What has been announced in "what's next", but version 2 is far away. There will be many updates before that. You can expect local mode, two new plugins (delay, distortion) for free version and some minor features improvement as the next major update.

    5. see link above.
  • Thanks Red for the updates.
  • Note from Red_Force :  Tiam is former Orange Force. While warned he absolutely had to mention it he keeps it hidden which is not an honest attitude to regular users. 

    Hi irockus.

    More than a year ago (October 16th 2013), Ohm Force said they would release an offline mode "within 6 months".
    Exactly 3 months ago, Ohm Force said that they "expect it for november now".
    Now we learn that it most likely won't happen in 2014, but hopefully for the greater good.

    So will it be 2015? Or 2016?

    I really think you should read this recent article:

    Here is a short excerpt:
    For Ohm Force, looking at the next 5 years or so, they've got a few things in mind. Version two
    will hopefully feature an offline mode, video track, 64-bit support,
    and features including overdubbing, loop recording, comping, and
    auto-punch -- all to add extra polish and functionality.

    It seems like Ohm Force is more interested in licensing technology and developing mobile apps than they're interested in Ohm Studio.
  • I'm also disappointed because I feel they are taking too long to make some improvements that are important to me. But I totally understand the strategy: releasing minor upgrades every month is very time consuming. And this is not the way that ohmstudio will become a star DAW. They are not intended to change the lives of the twenty current regular users, but they wish release an awesome Version 2 that will be successful because it will be really better. For us, it's a little frustrating, need a bit of patience. But, anyway: Ohmstudio 1 already works and quite well!
  • I concur Alex and Tiam  !!    

    We have no alternative but to be patient and based on how long tiam has been a member and the positive suggestions made on the forums, I would say he qualifies in that regard !    There is a time limit on peoples frustration though, I think tiam has been around at least 1-1/2 yrs longer than myself, so I salute you sir for hanging in there !.

    In order for more frequent updates to occur, the  underlying application design, development and deployment architecture has to have been designed in such a manner as to facilitate regular updates and it is my understanding this is why we do not see minor upgrades.   

    I have concern about the lack of growth of the community and sustaining the existing userbase - which I think is less a result of technical issues and delays in receiving fixes and V2 and more to do with care and feeding of the community.

    My usage of ohmstudio is not driven by it being as good or a better DAW than other DAW's  (one day hopefully !), but instead it is driven by the same things that I believe bring everyone here which is the collaboration and the community of talent.   Without that community of talent, ohmstudio would be of little value.

    The community of talent aspect - the care and feeding for the sustaining and growth of a community of talent is sorely lacking - from an outside marketing aspect and from a social networking music collaboration workflow and facilitation aspect.  

    Outside marketing ideas:  

    Use dropbox model
     - 10 free projects to try it, get 2 more free projects with each referral up to a total of 20 free projects.

    Use other DAW model
    - Package Ohmstudio CD with audio interface hardware at the local music instrument store  
      (you get lite versions of other DAW's when you buy and interface today, why not Ohmstudio ? )

    Viral Video ?  There is plenty of talent on ohm to pull it off :)

    On the community of talent topic and priorities , I think 64 bit and offline mode is way less important then having constantly monitored and facilitated environment in this regard.  Weekly collab events are not enough and relying on the good nature of ohmies to just volunteer in the chat - anyone need help ?, anyone need a drummer ?, anyone need mixing ? - this is not enough.

    Separate chat rooms - open to all - will help 

    New Users                      -  get immediate help and info to get started using ohm
    Support/Tech                   -  get immediate assistance in resolving and reporting technical problems
    General/Collaboration       -   Users ready to collab on projects looking for other musicians

    Enhancing security roles and functions for projects is also very important towards maintaining the community:

    You should not be able to rejoin a public project if you are kicked without being forced into an apply process - as though it were a private project.  

    No-one should be able to bounce the master track in place.  

    There needs to be an audition role added where a user who joins a project is forced into audition status - they can mess with their own track, but not others.  

    Need ability to save mix/settings, recall them at will without having to do a restore

    You should be able to view in inspector not only who are members and their roles, but have visibility into when they joined the project.   

    You should be able to see when a person joined ohmstudio by looking at their profile and even better, mousing over their ID within the application in the chat.  Today this information is available, but oddly enough only by clicking on a user within the forum.   If you have posted in a forum, you can click on the user and see an "About" information page displaying when they joined and last active usage dates, but I have not been able to find same information in the profiles - odd.  This would very useful for identifying spammers.

    Whoops - late for work ! - So passionate about Ohmstudio, about its' potential and future  - as we all are who bother to take time to write and communicate on the topic !!

    My hopes are that these communications will be leveraged positively to move in the right direction.

    Peace. Love, and Ωhm !!!

  • It's cool to read passionate ohmies! and you're right about the reason to use ohmstudio, that are not technical (the best DAW of the world) but "social". And my main concern is actually too "the lack of growth of the community and sustaining the existing userbase".

    I find that there is currently very little support for collaboration, and mainly only live for ohmies currently present in ohmstudio (in other word, there is actuallement only the general chat). It really lacks tools for collaboration. Simply, for example a function for advertising project status: seeking musician (and what kind of instrument), seeking anything, arrangment, mix skill, or completed project, draft project, miscellanea. Currently we get lost in thousands of projects, and as a result, only very recent projects receive attentions. It's the same thing with ohmies. In the past year, I contacted the ohmies found on the database (trumpet, bass player, etc ..), but it become more and more vain: all had just come once, no more active or won't collaborate. Today, to find someone to play a trumpet, you should contact at random more than 50 ohmies registered as trumpetist. Therefore an indicator of activity and availability would be nice (date of last activity on ohmstudio and "I look for collaboration" indicator)



  • From impatient, then quite irritated, then a little upset, i'll have to stop looking regurlarly (thing i do less and less often) or log in (i haven't launched OhmStudio for months) before i get angry.

    I got myself a "lifetime" license some years back as an investment, not for buying the software as it was and still is.

    Don't misunderstand me i probably could or can have good times using Ohm Sutdio, but it's far today from what i expected to be when i bought the license.
    Let's not talk about those basic things (from a user's perspective) still missing for so long,and  of course the lack of any real information, not even a bone to pick.

    I have the bitter feeling i wasn't sold what i was promised, and not given back the trust i gave back then.


  • Everyone here should know Tiam isn't a "long term user". He's former Orange Force and there is a low intensity issue between him and Ohm Force since he's been fired. Initially I didn't want to deny him possibility to express himself about Ohm Studio here but I did warn him to do it with an open face, not misleading people. To the risk of sounding like a censor I feel like it's not reasonable to let this forum and its users be a tool of vendetta for one. 

    Typically he knows, because I already answer that, that "within 6 months" was a mistake from my part in english. The initial statement from our dev was "roughly 6 months". It's true it's getting longer. 

    Now I appreciate everyone's attitude here. We're a small team without VC money and while most of our day to day efforts are for Ohm Studio we also have to do a lot of other stuff. Some are linked to our plugins catalogue, which bring an income that is very important to make Ohm Studio going on (typically, we have to make AAX happen, etc.). We also faced some tech issues (the constant build system was put down unexpectedly when releasing steam), some administrative issues, and we also had to go out of our cave to meet peoples and try to do do some busines, like presenting FLIP in Boston for A3Exchange. One of the idea is that while it can be frustrating to see some basic issues left unsolved for long (loop recording anyone ?), it takes time to get them while it won't change sales themselves. There's no denying it has to be done nonetheless but in itself it's not a plan to get Ohm Studio popular.

    So we're working on that and that may explain while you can feel us distant / not updating. Mostly everything we've been doing this year has been either unreleased / under the scene. The good news is that the fact the "under the scene" things happen is bringing perspectives for Ohm Force and Ohm Studio. The bad thing is that indeed, it keeps slowing us down in the short term. 

    All I can say is that hopefully it will be for the best. 
  • I'm really glad that you choose transparency rather than the censure Redforce. I know that in life, we go through periods of conflict and I'm really sorry for Ohmforce and Tiam. I hope you'll find a peaceful relationship, if not constructive.

    For my part, there is no problem of trust, but a little frustration. I bought ohmstudio for what it offered, not for what it could become. And this software is for me already today, a fabulous tool!! My little frustration is that it could be much better. Whatever the future, I already congratulate you for those 2,5 years of ohming!!! If tomorrow ohmstudio had to stop, my investment is already widely valuable. Thank you! 
  • I could not agree more - well said alexone  !!!
  • Lifetime user here...

    The money I've invested is still well worth it because of the amazing plugins. Some of their classics are still used today! Unfortunately I don't use it as often as I thought I would.

    I went in because of collaborating with other musicians, engineers etc. It looked promising at first. I'm not sure if I remember correctly, but there were these "advertisements" of people who offered their services. Anyways I found it to be easier find someone for help.

    Instead of focussing on DAW they should have focussed more on finding each other. Instead of me posting a request which gets lost in the mail, I should be looking for musicians in a dedicated section away from the forum: A page with thumbnails provided with the most important info,rating etc. etc. 

    Another problem imo is or was project management which has been discussed before, for a few years now!! That's way to long! It's annoying to come back to a project totally messed up and it's annoying when as soon as I'm entering someones project I'm considered a contributor while I'm just spectating. I really want to check a lot of projects from others, but my own project list gets loaded with these.

    You guys really have to step it up, because other full blown DAW's are getting close with the remote collab. But if you can make big money for selling the concept, I'm totally fine with that. I understand.