Ohm Studio beta #12

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Ohm Studio beta #12
  • Improvements


    • completely reworked sample system (faster download, less stress on hard disk. Try cloning a project and see by yourself!
    • added a mix plug-in (volume and pan). It's not used at the end of the racks yet, but will be! It is called "Genohm.MixSt". We need your feedback on the pan laws (see the separate post on that subject)
    • The "quiet" tool was renamed "mute". The shortcut is "M" instead of "Q".


    • You can now click on links starting with "http://"


    • some optimization during plug-in scan
    • Mac: auto-detect MIDI device connection (in progress)

    Bug fixes

    • fixed crash when joining a new empty project
    • fixed track MIDI input not being shown (and setup) properly when re-joining the project
    • Fixed non working "Auto" monitoring on audio tracks
    • Windows: sample drag & drop did not work
    • Windows: opening a project could fail in some cases

  • Hi Violet Force.

    Is it not possible to have a pan function built into each track as per other DAW's - or is this available and I've missed it?

    Also cannot seem to delete tracks or projects just yet.

    Really impressed with it so far and looking forward to watching it develop :)

  • Edward,

    Regarding pan, we just added a volume/pan plugin (which we hope quite complete). 
    To use it, add the "Genohm.MixSt" just before the volume (drag and drop just above the volume) or replace the volume (drag and drop on the volume) in the rack.
    Then, select it and open the inspector.
    The "pan mode" parameter allow you to switch between a balance mode or a pan mode. If you're in the balance mode, Pan left or pan right does nothing.

    To delete a track, just select it and press backspace (select the track rack if there is only one track in it).
    To delete a project, go on the web project page profile like this one : http://www.ohmstudio.com/session/1891/first-project-beta02 and click on the leave tab.

    Thank you!
  • where can I download the new #12 at?....when I start ohmstudio it does not update cause I cant see the new Genohm.MixSt. in the gear section...?



  • Oh, I just read that #12 is for Mac only....I have Windows 7....so I guess it's coming?...Yea!!!



  • We hope to have the windows version as soon as possible. We are currently correcting the issue about crash when quitting a project.
  • i really liked the "quiet"   button name.

    obviously you meant "mute"

    and i thought it was great that you had a funky name... (i guess this is a direct french translation..........)

    i am sorry to see it go..........

    please dont change "view automations"  to "view automation" in the drop down menu....


  • 1.is it possible to make installation smaller by user,like linux for example. every makers of daws are trying to put inside "everything for everybody" and on the end you get "heavily armed" mastodont-cpu&other resources-eater and nobody puts any way of modularity.

    2.i would like switchable any online mod cause at my home i dont have internet access 

    3.switching off ANY input device for smaller cpu consuption

    4. posibility for optimized graphics for working in smaler resolutions and colors(1024x768) for work with switched of gfx adapter-less memory interrupts on some laptops when gfx adapter soaks some extra ammount of ram and much worst-mashes up with asio and firewire.

    that is "on first sight" for now