Channel/input assignments get lost

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Channel/input assignments get lost
  • Hi

    I've trying out Ohm over the weekend. Very impressed, except...

    I'm recording a live drum kit through my Alesis MultiMix, assigning 8 channels to the inputs using the Configuration... Panel. All works well until I exit the project and come back to it later and all the assignments are lost or mixed up! I have to go through each track and reassign the inputs. Very annoying.
  • It's a long time known issue. We're having a hard time to solve it but the fight goes on :P
  • Thanks. Good to know. Now I know what's happening, not a big hardship.

    If it helps, it seems that Input 1 is fine, but all the other channels pick up the signal from Channel 8. If you need me to test any fixes, let me know.
  • I did some tests today and I had different results… Basically multichannel recording doesn’t work correctly. We’re going to investigate this issue.