UVI Workstation not working

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UVI Workstation not working
  • When i updated my Ohmstudio today, i was prompted that it would be wise to install the UVIWorkstation plugin. So i followed the instructions on this page:

    But when i open Ohmstudio, the UVIWorkstation is still not showing (only a link to download it). And when i open UVIWorkstation stand-alone, it tries to load the OhmPlug.ufs, but just throws the error:

    Unable to mount the Volume from 'C:/Program Files/UVISoundBanks/OhmPlug.ufs' (No valid authorization found)

    And in the UVIWorkstation, no OhmPlug licence is showing up. It doesn't say anything about a licence in the instructions on the download page, so i'm bit confused to as how this is supposed to work. Anybody knows?
  • I assume that the directory where you installed the UVIWrkstn VST dll is correctly registered in Ohm Studio (check the preferences). Have you installed the version 2.1.8 as specified in the instruction page? More recent versions won’t work; the problem has been fixed on our side but the bugfix is not released yet.

    It’s normal that the OhmPlug bank doesn’t show in the stand-alone version or any other host because is it made to work specifically with Ohm Studio.

    If you still have problem with UVIW+OhmPlug, please send us your logs, found in:

    C:\Users\YourWindowsUserName\AppData\Roaming\Ohm Force\Ohm Studio\logs

  • Yupp. i see the dll file in the Steinberg/VSTPlugIns folder and it's 2.1.8 version. Still only shows up with a download icon which takes me to the download page.

    Where do i send the log files to? post them here?? they're quite long

  • I'm having a similar issue... I installed the Ohm studio then downloaded the UVIworkstation and OhmPlug.  When I installed them I realized that the UVI and OhmPlug software was larger than I wanted to run on my C: drive (Digital Flash) so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it to another internal drive (E:\).  This is a Windows Vista install.

    I get the same Ohmplug error as the OP with the correct path. When I launch the Ohm Studio it doesn't seem to have any connection to the UVI ws, and vice versa when I lauch the UVI standalone.

    All files are the most recent - downloaded yesterday

    Will appreciate help or a link to a T-shooting guide.



  • Please send us the logs to support@ohmstudio.com. Well’ll try to figure why your Ohm Studio cannot load UVIW and if there is a pattern between multiple people reporting this issue.