Better way to Communicate on ohm

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Better way to Communicate on ohm
  • Better way to communicate on ohm.

    I think we need a better way to communicate on ohm. I am not
    complaining. I will put my money where my mouth is.

    I would like to start a new forum for ohm using vBulletin
    version 4.1.8 and perhaps a url of,
    is that could be done…if it is not in use now.

    I will buy the software and set it up and run it if ohm will
    host it on their server.

    The advantage is we can chat, post photos, post video, have
    Google + embedded and or Skype embedded . We can have a place to store and
    organize stuff we want to keep and get to with indexing and search.

    vBullentin is the standard worldwide for forum software.
    Everyone who is anyone is using it.

    I am involved in another site that uses the software and we
    have found all the tricks to conserve server space.

    You can pop it up in a small window while in a ohm project.
    I also think but do not know for sure that Google translate can be embedded and
    automated…not totally sure about that issue.



    What say yea?????

  • I have to say, this forum software is one of my least favourite.  phpBB, SMF and vBulletin are all much more pleasant on the eye and more comfortable in use, in my opinion.

    (Personal preference only due to much experience running and modding it would be SMF :).)
  • I certainly agree. No offence to the ohm developers, but this forum system really isn't good. It's more like a sort of blog with comments, but anyone can post...

    I've used SMF for a forum I've ran for nearly 2 years now, works great with no issues, ever. I hear vBulliten is good too but never personally used it.

    I think a real forum would really bring the community closer together, The system we have now I feel guilty about posting in case I push down something more important.
    Oh, and also you could have subforums for different languages. I noticed quite a few posts here are in French; I'm sure they would like a section for posts in French so they don't need to sift through the English ones.
  • Hi,

    I read this thread with interest and I must admit that I have a low experience in using forums extensively. Our current solution is vanilla ( and when I search if there are some convenient tools to move from vanilla to vBulletin, I discover that almost everybody on internet is talking about the contrary: from vbulletin to vanilla. So it seems that some people prefer vanilla (an example: ).

    I think it's important to understand why first.

    BTW here, there are two solutions:
     - moving from vanilla to another solution (vBulletin, SMF, phpBB...)
     - check the vanilla addons list and see if we could add them to reach a better usability. Can you dig this list to see if some add-ons could reach your expectations?

  • You can always 'skype' with your collaberoatores and just use ohmi to cover the data part of the music :/ 
  • dudermn
    Some of us have used Google hangouts very successfully. Not only is it the only true cross / multi platform out there but hosts up to 9 people at once.
    You could even run it on your phone / tablet to save clutter on your desktop.
    I use a separate PC to "hang" with which runs linux ( hint hint ohm boyz ) and ohmstudio on a dual screen windows PC.
    Ok maybe the studio does resemble the star ship enterprise but works very well.
    I have also found that in help situations Teamviewer works great from the same PC as ohmstudio and has it's own built in video chat so you can talk through what you doing.
    All of the above are free just need to have a google account ( same as gmail ) to hang and there is simple run only version of teamveiwer which needs no installation.