Tempo change triggers Sonic Charge Mictrotronic play button.

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Tempo change triggers Sonic Charge Mictrotronic play button.
  • Sonic Charge Mictrotronic is a drum machine VST that be used to either automatically play its own drum patterns (by pushing its play button), or to play its drum sound as composed by the user in a MIDI track. I currently use it for playing my own MIDI drum track in Ohm studio.

    If I during playback of the song change the tempo (i.e. experimenting for the best tempo), it is as if I had pushed the play button of Microtonic so it starts playing its own drum pattern. Could it be that changing tempo in Ohm studio during playback causes Ohm studio to send some odd MIDI messages to its VSTs?

  • Hi svenh.

    I have just downloaded the demo of Microtonic but coudn't reproduce the bug you described.
    Does it happen with all of your projects or only specific ones? How about a new empty project?

  • OK I just tried a new empty project. Yes, if I have a non-empty MIDI track for Mictrotonic it seems as if it happens after tempo change, when the next MIDI note trigger a sound or something like that.

  • I did some more tests and was eventually able to witness that bug.
    However, I was able to reproduce that same "bug" in another DAW.
    So I guess it's not really related to Ohm Studio.
    Maybe it's not a bug but a feature which I'm not aware of because I've never used Microtonic before.
  • Ooops, my bad - I am so sorry that I assumed that it was an Ohm Studio bug! Next time I will check in Reaper before submitting a bug report!