Music genres 101 wanted!

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Music genres 101 wanted!
  • I love all different kinds of music, but I am not very good at categorizing it. I would be very interesting if there was some kind of guide explaining the different genres you can assign a project in Ohm studio (the list starting with "Alternative", ending with "World")? Ideally, for each genre, I would like a couple of sentences describing it and titles of a few well known songs that are typical for it.

    Is there anyone that can help me? Any links to good references on the internet? Books?


  • The best music defies categorisation as it draws on the full breadth of creativity...  Some categories, like "alternative" defy definition by definition.  Others, like "world" seem to me senselessly self-contradictory.  I'd rather have others tag my creations with how they feel about it, than me tell them what it is....

    Utterly unhelpful, eh? ;)
  • Interesting take, but not extremely helpful! ;-)
  • Actually we're about to update the list of TAGS.
    It seems very hard to describe a music genre with a few words.
    Hopefully as people start to make music of many different styles using ohm studio and as we improve our search engine, you'll simply have to click on a TAG and listen to other people's music to “understand“ a music style.

  • Ambient is not Electronic.  Kitaro, Klous Schultzie would be verry mad.