Interop workflows with other DAWs/OMF support

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Interop workflows with other DAWs/OMF support
  • Hi all,
    in the way I'm considering using OhmStudio there would be a lot happening outside, a lot of people I work with use Logic or ProTools and I personally finalize everything in Sonar. I use OMF with a certain success with the other apps and it would be great to have support for it in the Import/export menus.
    If he could go even further than that I'd be really happy, but having been working with interop workflows in video for last 15 years, I won't expect too much on that side :)

  • Hi.

    We might consider OMF when (or if) we add support for video files inside Ohm Studio.
    But there are a lot of other things we want to improve before that.

  • Hi,
    thanks for the update, I understand it's a pretty heavy dev and OMF/AAF being moving targets it generates a lot of bugs. What would you consider for multitrack interop? BWF? Multifile output? Is there a way to script that from the outside?

  • Hi

    Currently Ohm Studio only offers a "traditional" audio/midi export function for that purpose: